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Dublin 1450
Tipperary 1406
Cork 1359
Waterford 982
Sligo 911
Mayo 791
Galway 694
Limerick 603
Wexford 519
Kilkenny 451

Most Common Irish Slang

1.GowlAnnoying stupid person
2.ShamA friend
3.FeekGorgeous girl
4.QuareAnother meaning for very or unuasl
5.YokeThing. any thing or object or person. A broad descriptive term for anything
7.SavageVery can be good or bad
8.SoundReliable, dependable, a good sort
9.CatAn effusive way to say that something is awful or terrible
10.ShadesGarda Siochana (term comes from the 2 shades of blue on the uniform)

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