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Dublin 1450
Tipperary 1406
Cork 1359
Waterford 982
Sligo 911
Mayo 791
Galway 694
Limerick 603
Wexford 519
Kilkenny 451



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a load of heads
a 2 bagger
a ajh
a bad baiting (beating)
a bad butt on a wham bar
a bag
a ball a malla
a ball of sh*t
a barrsiter
a bauk of da bois
a behan
a belter
a bether arse on a donkey
a big juanna bag
a big lad when he`s out. like an asses tool
a big thick head
a bird never flew on one wing
a bird never flew on one wing.
a bit nippy 'round the bippy
a bit of cow
a bit of mackeral
a bit of strange
a bitter pill
a bleedin jayzer
a blow
a bog man
a bottle of mineral
a boy or a child
a broad church
a bucket.
a bunch of retards tryn ta fuk a doorknob
a cake walk
a catherine
a cats lick
a cocking
a cracker
a cup of tay will crown ya
a curse
a damo
a day for the hay
a dose of the hand grenades
a drag
a durty burger
a face like a bag of chisels
a face like a bull dog chewing wasps
a face like a busted cabbage
a face like a half eatin mars bar
a face like a horse's ass
a face like a slapped arse
a face like a sows arse
a face only a mother could love
a face only his mother could love
a face that'd stop a clock
a fart in the chapel
a feck
a feed would leave ya fit to bull cows
a feek
a few bob
a few scoops
a few whips
a fifty
a fight with a lawn mower
a fine outfit
a fla
a for jaysus sake
a garda wouldnt ask me that
a ger spillane
a good rodgering
a good stong back
a grá
a grá for
a grand little heifer
a grand pair a stems
a gurrier
a hands turn
a handy number
a hang sangwidge
a hape
a happy camper
a hat of sh*te
a head like a turkey cock
a head like kenneallys bus boy
a head on her
a hide like elvery's elephant, 't would stretch a foot before it would tear an inch
a hospital pass
a hunderd
a jack of all trades
a jo
a jump
a law unto himself
a lion of a man
a livin dred
a load of me bollix
a lock of
a maneen was never a man
a matt the liar
a mike power
a neck like a jockeys arse
a neck like a jockeys bollocks
a nice how are ya
a nump
a pair of headlights
a pig in a white shirt
a plank
a rachel
a rake
a rake of
a rale balls from dalkey
a rattle of the ceann between the suile
a rayke
a richard
a right rub
a scollard
a score
a seanie
a sh*te in a swing swong
a shniffter
a side
a simple affair
a skelp
a slap
a snaky tenpence
a sniper wouldn't take her out!
a solid
a tall
a terror
a thing a nothin
a thing of...
a tight cnut
a ting a nottin
a ting or two
a tom hank
a touch of the stalk
a two toilet irish detective
a walking aga
a wet blanket
a whittle
a whore's meld
a whores melt
a word in carrick
a wreck the head
a ya mad?!
a young she rat
a young whelp
aaah laaads
aaaright lad!
aah lads !!
abandon her
abortion bucket
about as funny as a burning orphanage!
about as subtle as a sledge-hammer
above in it
aboy da kid
aboy da kid!
aboy the kid
abroad that way
absolute cock and balls
across the bridgers
act the mickey
actin de boyra
actin the goat
actin the maggot
actin' de maggot
acting da maggot
acting the bollix
acting the donkey
acting the flute
acting the gaatch
acting the goat
acting the goul
acting the maggeh
acting the maggot
acting the mickey
acting the prick
ad for aids
ad in in
adam and eve
ae be dad ae
aer a sign
aface like a bag of nettles
afraid of me shyte
afro norse
aggravating the bear
agin it
agricultral kick
ah be da die
ah be ta jaysus
ah bo
ah boy
ah boys smella minge!
ah christ almighty!
ah cm'on
ah go 'way out o' that
ah go away!!
ah go way willa
ah god sir
ah here
ah here!
ah here, ah now, ah sure, ah well.... ta f*ck!
ah im only buzzn witcha
ah im only pullin your jimmy
ah jayz
ah jayzus christ
ah jim
ah lads
ah lads!
ah leave eh ouh!
ah like
ah no
ah no bother
ah nothing much
ah sure begod aye!
ah sure look....
ah sure thats not worth a sh*te to me
ah sure ul have dat
ah willya lie down willya
ah wouldja gway wi yerself
ah yac bhoy!
ah, look at the gatch a her!
aha scraw
ahh boys
ahh nixxxx
ahhh stop, now your messin
ahhhh bee'jaaysus!
ahhhh nowww.....shnake!!!!!!
ahhhh thats baguh man
ahhhhhh boiiiiii
ahhhhhh lamped
ahhhhhhhhh no
aho boy!
ahra now sure lookit
aido's rat
aint you great
air biscuit
air head
aisy duzid
akward as a pig in reverse
alan whickers
alive wood maggits
all a bah
all comes out in the wash
all dickied up
all fur coat and no knickers
all mouth an no trousers
all nottin
all of the time
all off
all over de shop!
all over the place like a mad woman's sh*te
all over the shop
all rite lad
all that and a bag of chips
all the 4s
all to one side like the town of fermoy
all to one side like the town of loughglynn
allied irish
alri biy!!
alri saaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn
alri saaaaan(still dont know your name but i have info on your where -a -bouts)
alri skin
alrigh and all yeah?
alright boss
alright boy
alright bra
alright kid!
alright me ould stock and balls
alright my son
alright skin
alriii boss
alrite hun!?
alrite kid
alrite wee lad
am i apt
am sure
amuigh faoin spéir
an (on) the way out
an all
an animal for
an arse like the back of a bus
an asses roar
an aul one closing is as good as a young one opening
an aul one opening is as good as a young one opening
an awful land
an de box
an incompetent scrotal component
an oliver/ollie hymn
an owl wan
anal engineer
and cum ere, did ye get de shift??
and d'ya know what
and dats the truth about ish
and i'm da pope.
anee ska?
animal craic
animal farm ireland
antin fresh
antinn dat shines
any craic
any crawk
any joy
any money bets
any new 4 me
any nodge???
any red lead
any sca witcha
any sca?
any schka?
any steamers?
any stir?
any use
anyone in dare
anything fresh
anything strange
apple tart
ara cod?!
ara sh*te it anyway
ara sure here
ara will ya whisht up will ya
arabs tackie
arden zoo
are u takin da mickey
are ya well? cos yar lookin well!
are ya well?!
are ya well???
are ya wet?
are ye dancin'?
are ye right?
are ye startin?
are ye up far de scuttle
are ye well??
are you boddered
are you decent (or daycent)?
are you sh*ttin' me??!
are you standing on a rock?
are you startin?
are you well in the head?
are you well?
are you wide
areya adin din
arigh san
around the house
arrah sh*te
arse about face
arse acawn
arse bandit
arse bandits
arse biscuits
arse for a lazy willy
arse from his mouth
arse from me elbow
arse like a sowing machine
arse like the japanese flag
arse of a can
arse out the window
arse spider
arsehole of nowhere
arsewipe / asswipe
as auld as matusalum
as awkward as a bag of cats
as awkward as a sow in football boots
as bent as a crowbar
as bent as an s hook
as bent as the kenmare road
as big as borris
as black as d arse of a coal bucket
as black as the ace of spades
as bould as brass
as confused as a hungry baby in a topless bar
as cute as cut the bags
as drunk as a lord
as drunk as an ass
as dry as a sh*te in the desert!
as dry as an aul shtick
as dry as ghandis flip-flop
as dull as dishwater
as excited as a dunkey on dunkey derby day
as far as turn back
as far as your nose
as gay as christmas
as gay as christmas!!
as happy as a pig in muck.
as happy as a priest in an orphanage
as ignorant as a bag of arses
as mo bhosca
as much use as a handbrake on a canoe
as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking competition
as quiet as a ballymena catholic.
as rare as rocking horse sh*t !!
as rare as rocking horse sh*t
as rough as a bag of hatchets
as rough as a bag of mangled badgers
as rough as a bear's bum
as rough as horserock
as scarce as hens teeth
as sick as a plane to lourdes
as sick as a plane to lourdes!
as sick as a small hospital
as significant as a flea's fart in a hurricane
as straight as a roundabout!!!
as sure as god is my judge
as sure as god made apples
as sure as i'm a foot high
as sure as it gets dark
as sure as night follas day
as the fella said
as thick as 2 planks put together
as thick as a cow's arse
as tight as a camel's arse in a sandstorm
as tight as a duck's arse
as tight as a ducks arse
as tight as a ducks arse !!
as tight as a ducks arse, and thats water tight
as tight as a fish's hole
as tight as a nun's nickers
as u do
as ugly as a pig licking piss off a nettle
as useful as a pair of shoes to a snake
as useless as tits on a bull
as wet as an otters pocket.
as wide as a ducks arse
ashtray on a motorbike
ask me arse
ask me bollix
ask me hogwarts
ask me hole
ask me tank
ass licking
ass piss
at home pickin spuds
at it
at it like rabbits
at layste
at nothin
at nothin'
at this point in time
ate a farmers arse thru a ditch
ate a horse
ate a horse with no salt
ate a scabby baby
ate an apple through a letterbox
ate chips out of her knickers.
ate de lamb a god .....
ate sh*t on a shtick
ate that scone
ate the arse off a low-flying duck
ate the head off...
ate the hind leg off the lamb of god
ate the sh*tebox
ate us out of house and home
ate ya
ate ya wihou a grain a salt
ate ya without salt
ate ye out of house and home
ate yer dinner off de floor
ateya adout salt
atin tackie
atin the foresht
atin' 'n' drinkin
aul bag
aul boy
aul doll
aul fella
aul lad
aul lass
aul one
aul stock
aul wan
auld bayh
auld doll
auld fellah
auld lad
auld wan
aussie kiss
average cabbage boi
aw balls!
aw bless their socks
aw blessss
aw gody aw gody
aw here now rite
aw now
aw will ya stop
away for slates
away on!
away with de fairies
away with the fairies
away with ya
awh here
awh i got in d horrors boi !!
awh shtop
awk shor
awk shor why not
awkward as a bag of hammers.
awl boy
awl lass
awrii boiish?
aww buddie sham
aww hee-er!
aww laaaaaad
aww stop
awww laaawwddddsss
awwww moin!
ax me bollix
axe me bollix
axle grace
ay/ i
aye boy
aye right hi
ayit me shyte
ayrton senna
ayster eggs
aytinn tayshows
azier sed dan dun

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