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I'd Ate De Knobs Off A Coffin

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A term used to describe someone who is incredibly malnourished.

"I happent had nahin tew ate since dem blaas I had for breakfast, Jaysis I'm so hungry I'd ate de knobs off a coffin!"

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i am in me hole
i am in my balls
i am on you
i bose
i came like a race horse!!!!
i cant able!
i claim ya
i could ait a horse between two bread vans
i could ate (eat) the 12 apostles
i could ate a reverned mother
i could ate the beard of moses
i could ate the sandels off ghandi!
i could kill ya as quick as look at ya
i did the bould thing with her
i did ya
i didn't do natin
i didnt do naaaaatin
i didnt do nothing
i don't have a bulls notion
i dont care
i dont give a fiddlers
i dont give two hoots
i dont give two shytes
i dont want you carrying the ball, and i dont want you kicking it either
i doos be
i doubt so..
i got a fifty
i hab u
i have a hand like a foot
i haven't got the price of a knickers
i heard you're ridin like a pig
i hope your next sh*te is a hedgehog
i know what you mean jelly bean!
i ll give u one
i make off
i may
i may be kilt stone dead she did
i may go...
i may...
i need a slash
i no well
i smell bacon
i spoof not
i swear ta gawd
i tuk tacky after im
i wanna word witchew
i was buzzin
i was sh*ttin a brick hay
i will actually
i will in me balls
i will in me barney
i will in me eye
i will in me hole
i will in me hoop
i will in me jookie(s)
i will in me ring
i will in me rocks
i will in me sh*t!
i will in me sh*te
i will in me trollix/ask me trollix
i will in my arse
i will in my arse!!
i will in my f*ck
i will in my hole
i will in my sh*te
i will ya
i will ya.
i will yeah
i will yeah!
i will, alright
i win
i won't kick her outta bed for ate'n tatyo
i won't no, ya
i would'nt give er the steam of me piss
i wouldn get up on her to hang curtains
i wouldn't be laid out in it
i wouldn't get up on her to get over a wall
i wouldn't get up on you to watch ken mcgrath lift liam mccarthy
i wouldn't give him the steam off me piss if he was dying of thirst
i wouldn't give that to the dog!
i wouldn't go in there to piss!
i wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crisps
i wouldn't put that out for the dog to sh*t on
i wouldn't ride her into battle
i wouldn't ride ya for practice
i wouldn't riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide ya.
i wouldn't touch it/him/her with a bargepole!
i wouldn't wear that diggin bait
i wouldnt get up on her ta get over a wall!!!
i wouldnt have much meas in that
i wouldnt kick her out of the bed for farting
i wounldnt ride 'er inta battle
i wud'n ryde her inta battle
i'd ate a plate of cold sores
i'd ate a raw farmer's arse through the bars of a gate
i'd ate a scabby babby off a tennis racket
i'd ate a scabby knackers fanny through the spokes of a bicycle
i'd ate de back wheel offa menstrual cycle
i'd ate de balls offa low flyin' duck
i'd ate de bollix offa low flyin' duck
i'd ate de knobs off a coffin
i'd ate sh*t off a blanket
i'd ate the arse of a nun through a convent gate
i'd ate the back door buttered
i'd ate the hind leg of the lamb of god
i'd ate the hind legs of the lamb of god!
i'd ate the skinny arm of a dying somalian
i'd crawl a mile on broken glass to lick the exhaust pipe of the van that takes her dirty knickers to the laundry
i'd eat the ass of a low flyin' duck
i'd eat a cow between two bread vans!
i'd eat chips out of her knickers
i'd eat the hind legs off the lamb of god
i'd eat the left leg of the lamb of jasus
i'd give her a poke when d telly is broke
i'd rather get up on a bilberry goat
i'd suck the sweat from a tinkers sock
i'ld spoon it ow of dat one!
i'll bate the head off ya
i'll bate ya good lookin....
i'll be away
i'll be dug outta ye
i'll brain ya
i'll break your face
i'll burst ya
i'll cut d arse off ya
i'll deal with you..wait you see
i'll destroy ya
i'll do it with my langer hanging out !!
i'll drop up to you
i'll drop ya
i'll drop you like a hot spud
i'll hit ya such a headbutt in da balls i'l break ur nose
i'll learn ya goss
i'll let you go
i'll paste ya
i'll put manners on her!
i'll put manners on him
i'll rip yer heeeeed off
i'll tell you now in a minute
i'll tell you one thing for nothing.
i'll tell you this and i'll tell you no more
i'm as sick as a small hospital
i'm beat out boys
i'm bullin
i'm caaalving
i'm gone doolalee
i'm shtarvin
i'm that tired i'd sleep in a bed of queers!
i'm wide
i'v seen better sand castles
i've been to cranmore nd iraq is safer!
i've seen better heads ina field chewin' grass
i've seen better men on top of wedding cakes!!
i, i, i-i-i
id ate a cow between two bread vans
id ate d arse off a low fliyin' pidgeon.
id av a banger
id blow you away with a fart
id buy her a dishwasher
id eat chips out of her knickers
id eat her sh*t
id eat the balls of a low flying pigeon
id knock the block off ya
id rather be up on a murder charge
id say shed be some woman to lay blocks!!!
id split her in two
id suck a scabby baby through a tennis racket
id tear his trout out nd eat it
if (he) went to a wedding, he'd stay for the christening!
if brains were dynamite, you couldn't blow your nose!
if he was a ghost he wouldn't give ya a fright!
if i had a bag a mickies i wouldn't give ya 1.
if i had a bag a mickys
if i had a bag of dicks i wouldn,t give her one
if i had a bag of mickies i wouldnt throw one at her
if memry serves me right
if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle.
if my dog had a face lyk urs,id shave his arse nd walk im backwards
if the cap fits wear it.
if there was work in the bed, ya'd sleep on the floor!
if there was work on the bed he would sleep on the floor
if u had brains u be dangerous
if wit was sh*t you'd be constipated!
if ya cant find em grind em
if yee don't stop fighting i'll kill the two of yee
if you had 2 brains you'd be twice as stupid
ih ud
iike a paste bucket
il bend u in half
il get the gun to you
il open ya like a bag of tayta
ill bate ya!!!
ill cut rashers off youre arse
ill deck ya
ill kik ur fukn arse 4 ya
ill knock da block off ya
ill reddin yer little arse
ill scissors kick'em to death !!
ill smash you
im as pissed off as a midget with a yo yo!
im as sick as thirteen tinkers after a wedding
im going for a squirt
im mad fer' ye!
im not as green as i am cabbage
im only pulln ur mickey
im so cool i make ice jealous!!
im starvin like marvin
im tellin ya
im weak
in a dreep
in a heap
in a hoop
in a loubawn
in a minute
in and out like a donkey's flute
in and out like a fiddler's elbow
in bits
in da
in da horrors
in de horrors
in de rags
in fairneeees
in fairness!
in for a gander
in for a goo
in me gaff
in ribbons
in the boat
in the flitz
in the horrors
in the mouldies
in the mouldies / mouldys
in the ne-ame a jeesus!!
in the sticks
in there like swimwear
in to the washers
in two shakes of a lamb's tail
in yo face
incent boy
inna fit
innocent boy
inside every man u fan is a liverpool fan tryin 2 get out
inside yer shurt
inta his barra
irish budget 2012
irish cliques
iron throat
is it, ya?
is rite
isn't it not?
it and a bit
it bates bannagher
it smells worse than an itinerants flange
it smells worse than an knackers gash
it was great craic alltogether!
it was like bunkers boy!
it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey!
it'd be more in your line!
it's a long lane that has no turning
it's all coming up milhouse
it's been emotional.
it's not even funny
itch that ya couldn`t scratch
itd ate ya out dare
its a holy fret
its as smooth as a cows arshe !!!!!!!!!
its falling from me
its fierce chilly altogeta
its like a deaf dog...its hard to call
its like water
its not a bleedin' bus yer drivin'
its pissin
ive a pain in me belly with love for ya
ive no meas in it
iwouldnt call the queen my aunt

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