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u couldn't reverse a soapy finger up ur hole
u goin rugby?
u have in ur sh*te
u indivudual flee
u just gor ruined!
u just got ruined!
u must tink ur gudlukin
u've a walk on ya lik a belgium blue
udderin dat
ugly as mutton
ugly as my arsehole
ugly stich
ugly stick
umm jusht
uncle jim
under the tin
unreal altogether
unreal, glory newtown!!
up & down like a whoers knickers
up - ya - boyo
up a downpipe
up a fortune
up again a wall
up and down
up and down/over and back, like a blue arsed fly!
up back of leap
up d damien duff
up da aul bosheen
up da duff
up da duff!
up da garden path
up de ballyjames
up de duff
up down!
up for a toot?
up for the bah
up for the gushy
up forrid
up her own arse
up here for thinking, down there for dancing
up in a bolox
up in a hape
up in a heap
up in his hole
up in nelly's room behind the wallpaper
up jacks hole around the corner
up me hole picking daisies
up me hole, pickin' daisies!
up my arse picking daisies
up on blocks
up on fahys bus izit ya?
up pin antinn
up she flew
up she flew and the cock flattened her
up sh*t creak without a paddle
up ta her hole in coal
up the ass off da
up the back ass of nowhere
up the back assof nowhere
up the brenda fricker
up the brown eyed boy
up the ditch
up the duff
up the duff!!!!
up the fat womans arse in moore street
up the mayor's hole in cashel
up the middle and down the sides
up the middle, down the centre
up the pole
up the poll
up the rebels
up the rovers
up the sh1tter
up the soap
up the swaney
up the swiss
up the ucks
up the way
up to me bollix
up to me eyeballs
up to me tits
up to ninety
up ur mamas
up ya boyo
up your windys
uphill gardener
uppinahape, like the man who married the fat woman.
upside-down neuck
upstairs in a bungalow
upta no good
ur a bleedin spoon
ur a half eejit half bastard
ur auld lady
ur face
ur guuuuud
ur havin a a laugh
ur havin a lafff ??
ur like a condron
ur main
ur moder worked on da boats
ur mothr
ur muder
ur mudrs a pikey
ur sister
ur some boy
ur sum class of a eejit
ur taken
ur wan
ursuline college
use yourself
used ta kill her
utterly butterly

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