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The following books were produced based on Irish slang that people of Ireland posted to this website and are snapshots of how the Irish speak over the past few years.

There is huge variation in Irish accents from county to county, For Focal Sake covers off the entire country and covers some of the basics of general Irish speak. The other books deal specifically with the dialects of their respective counties.


For Focal Sake - The Ultimate All Ireland Book of Irish Slang

For Focal Sake takes you on a trip around the 32 counties of Ireland giving you the inside info on each county such as its nickname, funny town names, county songs and of course the examples of the irish slang words and phrases used there.

The book also contains a glossary of general Irish terms and has a 15 step guide on us Irish speak.

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Effin Eddie Moroney DVD

If you want to hear the real Irish country accent then you have to listen to Eddie Moroney's colourful commentary of the infamous Aherlow vs Nenagh football match.

Read More about the Effin Eddie DVD (and listen to clips)

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The Premier Dictionary of Tipperary Slang

Tipperary are All Ireland Hurling Champions 2010, and now also champions! In celebration has put together Da Premier Dictionary of Tipperary Slang.

'Tis fair good all de same with hundreds of slang terms and phrases from all over da Premier county!

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The Model Dictionary of Wexford Slang

Oh bidda lort Harry, the Model county now has it's very own slang dictionary, compiled from a selection of the best Wexford slang on, this book promises to give you a bit of a lift during these recessionary 'septic tiger' times!

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The Deise Dictionary of Waterford Slang

The Deise Dictionary contain all the old favourites, lack, gallybander, stawl, shellakybooky, knucks etc.

"A great little book that guides the outsider through the rough terrain that constitutes the local slang"" - Ryan Tubridy

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