Coolgreaney's Slang

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1.Ashtray On A Motorbike (provide alternative)
2.Shit A Cavity Block (provide alternative)
3.Ne'er A Babby In The House Washed! (provide alternative)
4.Hit The Divil On The Head (provide alternative)
5.Get In Touch With The Pope (provide alternative)
6.Pull The Knickers Off A Whore (provide alternative)
7.Haven't A Leg To Stand On (provide alternative)
8.Balls A Flower (provide alternative)
9.Ate Shit On A Shtick (provide alternative)
10.Blind In One Eye... (provide alternative)
11.Paddy Went To Mass (provide alternative)
12.Wojous (provide alternative)
13.Wireless (provide alternative)
14.That Fella Couldn't Score In A Bed Of Fannys (provide alternative)
15.Sand To The Arabs (provide alternative)
16.Seven Shades Of... (provide alternative)
17.Scours (provide alternative)
18.Hot Cakes (provide alternative)
19.Headache (provide alternative)
20.Bishop's Ballbag (provide alternative)
21.Turn Turk (provide alternative)
22.Put A Bush In The Gap (provide alternative)
23.Born In A Barn (provide alternative)
24.Like A Gypsy (provide alternative)
25.Billy To Jack (provide alternative)
26.Two Minutes To Take A Shit (provide alternative)
27.Hind Legs Off A Donkey (provide alternative)
28.Smile On The Other Side Of His Face (provide alternative)
29.A Barrsiter (provide alternative)
30.Big Swingin.... (provide alternative)
31.Fuckin' Nora (provide alternative)
32.Cut Off Its Head..... (provide alternative)
33.By Hook Or By Crook (provide alternative)
34.Polish Truck (provide alternative)
35.Turnips (provide alternative)
36.Sit On That And Price...... (provide alternative)
37.Up Me Hole Picking Daisies (provide alternative)
38.Go And Lie Down (provide alternative)
39.No Flies On Him... (provide alternative)
40.All Comes Out In The Wash (provide alternative)
41.Lord Muck (provide alternative)
42.Sow Spuds In Yer Ears (provide alternative)
43.Horse Of A Different Colour (provide alternative)
44.Fight With Her Toenails (provide alternative)
45.Get Outta The Garden (provide alternative)
46.The Gardaí Wouldn't Ask Me That (provide alternative)
47.What Thought Did... (provide alternative)
48.Madder Than A Wet Hen (provide alternative)
49.Elders (provide alternative)
50.Anything Strange (provide alternative)
51.Bearna Building (provide alternative)
52.Like A Hot Shnot (provide alternative)
53.Gripe (provide alternative)
54.Some Terem (provide alternative)
55.Ten Foot Barge Pole (provide alternative)
56.Back Pocket In A Vest (provide alternative)
57.Warped (provide alternative)
58.Rob The White From Your Eyes (provide alternative)
59.Shcow Ways (provide alternative)
60.Bannagher (provide alternative)
61.As Far As Your Nose (provide alternative)
62.Don't Be There Till You're Back (provide alternative)
63.I Wouldn't Give That To The Dog! (provide alternative)
64.Ne'er The Colour Of It! (provide alternative)
65.I Wouldn't Put That Out For The Dog To Shit On (provide alternative)
66.Piss On The Ground (provide alternative)
67.I'll Put Manners On Him (provide alternative)
68.Stop The Noise (provide alternative)
69.You Couldn't Get Your Nose Out The Door (provide alternative)
70.I Wouldn't Go In There To Piss! (provide alternative)
71.He Can Swing For That! (provide alternative)
72.Ya Wouldn't See That On The Radio! (provide alternative)
73.A Fight With A Lawn Mower (provide alternative)
74.Wouldn't Use That To Wipe Me Arse! (provide alternative)
75.He's Up Agen It! (provide alternative)
76.Caught Playin' Offside! (provide alternative)
77.A Bird Never Flew On One Wing (provide alternative)
78.Tray Of Eggs (provide alternative)
79.Singin' For Shite (provide alternative)
80.Bone Around Your Neck (provide alternative)
81.Sleepin On The Floor (provide alternative)
82.Up & Down Like A Whoers Knickers (provide alternative)
83.Bald As A Lapdancers Fanny! (provide alternative)
84.D'ya Hear Me Lookin At You? (provide alternative)
85.Pisht In A 45 Gallon Drum (provide alternative)
86.Slept In The Drawer With The Knives (provide alternative)
87.End Up Like The Calf Running Round The Rick (provide alternative)
88.Like A Horses Cock (provide alternative)
89.Face Like A Blind Cobbler's Thumb (provide alternative)
90.Tied To A Cow's Arse & Scuttered To Death (provide alternative)

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