CorkClaire's Slang

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1.Tear (provide alternative)
2.You Will Yeah! (provide alternative)
3.Shaked Up (provide alternative)
4.Feck Dat For A Game Of Soldiers (provide alternative)
5.Run Tru Ya (provide alternative)
6.Murder And Mayham (provide alternative)
7.Disgraced (provide alternative)
8.Conkers (provide alternative)
9.Tripe And Drisheen (provide alternative)
10.Skirts (provide alternative)
11.How's It Goin'? (provide alternative)
12.Best Thing Since Sliced Pan (provide alternative)
13.Dilly Dally (provide alternative)
14.Cods Wallop (provide alternative)
15.Mangle (provide alternative)
16.Get Off With (provide alternative)
17.Bop (provide alternative)
18.Shacked Up (provide alternative)
19.To Put A Spanner In De Works (provide alternative)
20.Cuppa (provide alternative)
21.Man Bure (provide alternative)
22.Gawking (provide alternative)
23.On De Prowl (provide alternative)
24.Dolly Bird (provide alternative)
25.Pictures (provide alternative)
26.Puking Me Heart N' Soul Up (provide alternative)
27.Maggot (provide alternative)
28.Jitters (provide alternative)
29.Shut Your Gob (provide alternative)
30.Head Wreck (provide alternative)
31.Dollop (provide alternative)
32.I'm Gone Doolalee (provide alternative)
33.Head Da Ball (provide alternative)
34.Space Sham (provide alternative)
35.W.H.T. = Wandering Hand Trouble (provide alternative)
36.Up The Swaney (provide alternative)
37.Up Shit Creak Without A Paddle (provide alternative)
38.I'll Burst Ya (provide alternative)
39.Gulgies (provide alternative)
40.Run-away Knock (provide alternative)
41.On Da Hop (provide alternative)

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