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1.Rosiner (provide alternative)
2.Gout (provide alternative)
3.Mucker (provide alternative)
4.Aul (provide alternative)
5.Batter (provide alternative)
6.Scutters (provide alternative)
7.Scuttered (provide alternative)
8.Youn'wan (provide alternative)
9.Youn'fla (provide alternative)
10.Streel (provide alternative)
11.Inta (provide alternative)
12.Slaggin (provide alternative)
13.Bet The Shite (provide alternative)
14.Yer Man (provide alternative)
15.Stocious (provide alternative)
16.I'll Be Dug Outta Ye (provide alternative)
17.Ye (provide alternative)
18.Whores Melt (provide alternative)
19.Butt End Of Me Bollix (provide alternative)
20.Neck Like A Jockeys Bollix (provide alternative)
21.Gowl (provide alternative)
22.Snapper (provide alternative)
23.Rugrat (provide alternative)
24.Tallafornia (provide alternative)
25.Soweto (provide alternative)
26.Offie (provide alternative)
27.Hank (provide alternative)
28.Yoke (provide alternative)
29.Knackers (provide alternative)
30.Tool (provide alternative)
31.Prick (provide alternative)
32.Whatchamcallit (provide alternative)
33.Bousy (provide alternative)
34.Gooter (provide alternative)
35.Gobble (provide alternative)
36.Gotchee (provide alternative)
37.Bag (provide alternative)
38.Reef (provide alternative)
39.Skag (provide alternative)
40.Rum And Butter (provide alternative)
41.Beamer (provide alternative)
42.Me Aul Flower (provide alternative)
43.Funny Onion (provide alternative)
44.Give Over (provide alternative)
45.Woejis (provide alternative)
46.Deffo (provide alternative)
47.Bolivian (provide alternative)
48.Going Like The Clappers (provide alternative)
49.Sagocia (provide alternative)
50.Hardchaw (provide alternative)
51.Stop The Lights (provide alternative)
52.Pigs Arse (provide alternative)
53.D’yaknowhwatimeanlike (provide alternative)
54.Youse (provide alternative)
55.Poshna (provide alternative)
56.Pedal (provide alternative)
57.Pulling The Belly Off Meself (provide alternative)
58.Jackeen (provide alternative)
59.Jacks (provide alternative)
60.Dont Spend Your Youth On It (provide alternative)
61.Up The Fat Womans Arse In Moore Street (provide alternative)
62.Da (provide alternative)
63.Ma (provide alternative)
64.Smelly Arsed Drunk (provide alternative)
65.Feed A Gargle (provide alternative)
66.Woejius (provide alternative)
67.Clatter (provide alternative)
68.Buke (provide alternative)
69.A Load Of Me Bollix (provide alternative)
70.Me (provide alternative)
71.Thrun (provide alternative)
72.Butts On Ye (provide alternative)
73.Slaps (provide alternative)
74.Gee (provide alternative)
75.Jockey (provide alternative)
76.Jammer (provide alternative)
77.Creamer (provide alternative)
78.Gorm (provide alternative)
79.Nerdlinger (provide alternative)
80.Grand (provide alternative)
81.Wudn Touch Her With Yours (provide alternative)
82.Wudn Get A Kick In A Row (provide alternative)
83.Bogart (provide alternative)
84.Cop On (provide alternative)
85.Scratcher (provide alternative)
86.Knackered (provide alternative)
87.Mouldy Arsed (provide alternative)
88.Crack (provide alternative)
89.For Real (provide alternative)
90.Wide (provide alternative)
91.Yiz (provide alternative)
92.Zup (provide alternative)
93.Town (provide alternative)
94.Twoie (provide alternative)
95.Pissed On A Barmans Fart (provide alternative)
96.Brother (provide alternative)
97.Dope (provide alternative)
98.Rat Arsed (provide alternative)
99.Dumschuss (provide alternative)
100.Scab (provide alternative)
101.Moocher (provide alternative)
102.Malignant Little Fucker (provide alternative)
103.Malignant Little Fecker (provide alternative)
104.Gods Gift (provide alternative)
105.Gickna (provide alternative)
106.Gick (provide alternative)
107.Toerag (provide alternative)
108.Doolally (provide alternative)
109.Mickey Money (provide alternative)
110.Strides (provide alternative)
111.Cax (provide alternative)
112.Box (provide alternative)
113.Roaster (provide alternative)
114.Jocks (provide alternative)
115.Ballocks (provide alternative)

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