Misterman's Slang

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1.Skonks (provide alternative)
2.Chocky Star (provide alternative)
3.Fudge Nudger (provide alternative)
4.Taint (provide alternative)
5.Cookie (provide alternative)
6.Chorduroy Bag (provide alternative)
7.Yoke (provide alternative)
8.Muppet Bashing (provide alternative)
9.Pavie (provide alternative)
10.Build Up (provide alternative)
11.Kashy Barry (provide alternative)
12.Tappin (provide alternative)
13.Leadners (provide alternative)
14.Skullin (provide alternative)
15.Gosspil (provide alternative)
16.Ropey (provide alternative)
17.Nutbag (provide alternative)
18.Chungumz (provide alternative)
19.Shnigs (provide alternative)
20.Shkelper (provide alternative)
21.Wizards Shleve (provide alternative)
22.Hippos Yawn (provide alternative)
23.Shades (provide alternative)
24.Rapid (provide alternative)
25.Rushers (provide alternative)
26.Katt (provide alternative)
27.Katt Melojin (provide alternative)
28.Rig Out (provide alternative)
29.Boutique (provide alternative)
30.Lachie (provide alternative)
31.Bean Flicker (provide alternative)
32.Daywalker (provide alternative)
33.Bandidge (provide alternative)
34.Sangwidges (provide alternative)
35.Sanger (provide alternative)
36.Heskey (provide alternative)
37.Puddn (provide alternative)
38.Mungry (provide alternative)
39.Jam Rag (provide alternative)
40.Slaggins (provide alternative)
41.Dobbers (provide alternative)
42.Ballbuster (provide alternative)
43.Jip Stain (provide alternative)
44.Mc Shite (provide alternative)
45.Crackin (provide alternative)
46.Air Biscuit (provide alternative)
47.Taytaz (provide alternative)
48.Spondoolies (provide alternative)
49.Shillins (provide alternative)
50.Puddin Merchant (provide alternative)
51.Cut The Cake (provide alternative)
52.Tea Baggin (provide alternative)
53.Japs Eye Baggies (provide alternative)
54.Jocks (provide alternative)
55.Fannie Bun (provide alternative)
56.Clinker (provide alternative)
57.Buttplugs (provide alternative)
58.Fork (provide alternative)
59.Ferk (provide alternative)
60.Pillow Biter (provide alternative)
61.Village Feeders (provide alternative)
62.Sound (provide alternative)
63.Neck Like A Jockeys Bollix (provide alternative)
64.Tool (provide alternative)
65.Snakey (provide alternative)
66.Sweatin Like A Paedofile In A Barney Suit (provide alternative)
67.Box Like A Bears Back (provide alternative)
68.Conkers (provide alternative)
69.Mug O Scald (provide alternative)
70.Steam Off My Piss (provide alternative)
71.Head Like A Robbers Horse (provide alternative)
72.Face Like A Plasterer's Radio (provide alternative)
73.Hole Like The Japanese Flag (provide alternative)
74.Sham (provide alternative)
75.Choonz (provide alternative)
76.Pipe (provide alternative)
77.Quare Won (provide alternative)
78.Bone Setter (provide alternative)
79.Skaw Ways (provide alternative)
80.Comfortable Shoes Brigade (provide alternative)
81.Horse (provide alternative)
82.Horse It Over (provide alternative)
83.Scran (provide alternative)
84.Pandy (provide alternative)
85.Nose Bag (provide alternative)
86.Spud (provide alternative)
87.Tightner (provide alternative)
88.Crincil (provide alternative)
89.Quake (provide alternative)
90.Rampant Quake (provide alternative)
91.Waah (provide alternative)
92.Quaker (provide alternative)
93.Gawk (provide alternative)
94.Walker (provide alternative)
95.Ploughing Chanpion (provide alternative)
96.Tinkers Greyhound (provide alternative)
97.Roofers Nail Bag (provide alternative)
98.Chutney Ferret (provide alternative)
99.Coin Purse (provide alternative)
100.Flock Of Starlings (provide alternative)
101.Ring Peice (provide alternative)
102.Rusty Sheriffs Badge (provide alternative)
103.Shadow Soup (provide alternative)
104.Withered (provide alternative)
105.Rake (provide alternative)
106.Ball Of Em (provide alternative)
107.Diamond Cutter (provide alternative)
108.Mowldy (provide alternative)
109.Calf Nuts (provide alternative)
110.Pound Of Offel (provide alternative)
111.Be Wide (provide alternative)
112.Dugs Like A Sheep (provide alternative)
113.Sprog (provide alternative)
114.Tackie (provide alternative)
115.Arabs Tackie (provide alternative)
116.Sell Sand To The Arabs (provide alternative)
117.Barrymore (provide alternative)
118.Cut One (provide alternative)
119.Get Out And Walk (provide alternative)
120.Draw Off A Drop (provide alternative)
121.Snap Off A Log (provide alternative)
122.Curl One Off (provide alternative)
123.Minge (provide alternative)
124.Blacktorn Stick (provide alternative)
125.FONG (provide alternative)
126.Gomey Harold (provide alternative)
127.Chrome Sucker (provide alternative)
128.Shadow Baby (provide alternative)
129.Ring Sting (provide alternative)
130.Mullikin (provide alternative)
131.Mulliker (provide alternative)
132.Nobber (provide alternative)
133.Gammy (provide alternative)
134.Chirping (provide alternative)
135.Thrun (provide alternative)
136.Shit On A Slate On A Frosty Morning (provide alternative)
137.Shalong (provide alternative)
138.Highstick (provide alternative)
139.Nobble (provide alternative)
140.JANT (provide alternative)
141.JAMMERS (provide alternative)
142.SKUTTLE (provide alternative)
143.Cuttle (provide alternative)
144.Spoon (provide alternative)
145.Pasting (provide alternative)
146.Scald (provide alternative)
147.Bell Tara (provide alternative)
148.Bolicky Bill (provide alternative)
149.Rapist Stare (provide alternative)
150.Pebble Dash (provide alternative)
151.Goosed (provide alternative)
152.Flute (provide alternative)
153.Shag (provide alternative)
154.Cudttle (provide alternative)
155.Shudder (provide alternative)
156.Buacliaillán (provide alternative)
157.Shot (provide alternative)
158.Load (provide alternative)
159.Aussie Kiss (provide alternative)
160.Back End Of The Bat Mobile (provide alternative)
161.Gandhi's Revenge (provide alternative)
162.Brasseye (provide alternative)
163.Shop (provide alternative)
164.Beaver Leaver (provide alternative)
165.Beer Coat (provide alternative)
166.Beer Compass (provide alternative)
167.Bone Of Contention (provide alternative)
168.Slug (provide alternative)
169.Crack One Off (provide alternative)
170.Who Cut One (provide alternative)
171.Botty Burp (provide alternative)
172.Will In Me Hole (provide alternative)
173.Box Like A Kit Kat (provide alternative)
174.SNUK (provide alternative)
175.Pairer (provide alternative)
176.Skuller (provide alternative)
177.Horn (provide alternative)
178.Bullock Dressed Up As A Man (provide alternative)
179.Shit Walking And Pull A Plough Behind Him (provide alternative)
180.She Would Kick A 45 Into The Wind (provide alternative)
181.Klinker (provide alternative)
182.Popping The Turret (provide alternative)
183.A Seanie (provide alternative)

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