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1.Thrishtles (provide alternative)
2.Stooge (provide alternative)
3.Middlin' (provide alternative)
4.Cac (provide alternative)
5.Thrawneens (provide alternative)
6.Musha (provide alternative)
7.Power (provide alternative)
8.Footherin' (provide alternative)
9.Foostherin' (provide alternative)
10.Tint (provide alternative)
11.Flaithiúlach (provide alternative)
12.Ara (provide alternative)
13.Abroad (provide alternative)
14.Bad Way (provide alternative)
15.Athin (provide alternative)
16.Athout (provide alternative)
17.Lock (provide alternative)
18.Seafóid (provide alternative)
19.Een (provide alternative)
20.Behave Well (provide alternative)
21.Sthreessin' (provide alternative)
22.Puss (provide alternative)
23.Meitheal (provide alternative)
24.Let Ye (provide alternative)
25.Shkelp (provide alternative)
26.Latchico (provide alternative)
27.Mar Dhea (provide alternative)
28.E'er (provide alternative)
29.Ne'er (provide alternative)
30.Megija/ Megijee (provide alternative)
31.Lug (provide alternative)
32.Critchy (provide alternative)
33.Want (provide alternative)
34.Go Wrong (provide alternative)
35.A Grá (provide alternative)
36.Mowldy (provide alternative)
37.Mean (provide alternative)
38.Desperate (provide alternative)
39.Tight As Tuppence (provide alternative)
40.Tight As A Duck's Arse (provide alternative)
41.Scan (provide alternative)
42.Ravin' (provide alternative)
43.With (provide alternative)
44.Hape (provide alternative)
45.Spág (provide alternative)
46.Baloobas (provide alternative)
47.Bananas (provide alternative)
48.Balbhán (provide alternative)
49.Amadán (provide alternative)
50.Half Cracked (provide alternative)
51.Shkithereen (provide alternative)
52.Cat Melodeon (provide alternative)
53.Shka (provide alternative)
54.Plike (provide alternative)
55.Be Gad! (provide alternative)
56.Redden Your Arshe (provide alternative)
57.Rawny (provide alternative)
58.Pleb (provide alternative)
59.Hero (provide alternative)
60.It's Been Emotional. (provide alternative)
61.Aye (provide alternative)
62.Does Be/ Do Be (provide alternative)
63.Dúidín (provide alternative)
64.Pisreog/ Piseog (provide alternative)
65.Blind Ya With Chat (provide alternative)
66.Gossoon (provide alternative)
67.Buinneach (provide alternative)
68.Failed A Sight (provide alternative)
69.Dobhrán (provide alternative)
70.As Drunk As A Lord (provide alternative)
71.As Drunk As An Ass (provide alternative)
72.Get The Giodar On! (provide alternative)
73.It'd Be More In Your Line! (provide alternative)
74.What's On Ya? (provide alternative)
75.Hummin' And Hawin' (provide alternative)
76.He Won't Have It Done This Side O' The Christmas (provide alternative)
77.All To One Side Like The Town Of Loughglynn (provide alternative)
78.Scratchin' (provide alternative)
79.Gone Into Nothin'! (provide alternative)
80.Ate Us Out Of House And Home (provide alternative)
81.Drink The Cross Off An Ass (provide alternative)
82.He Didn't Get It From The Wind... (provide alternative)
83.In And Out Like A Fiddler's Elbow (provide alternative)
84.Only Coddin' (provide alternative)
85.Ara Cod?! (provide alternative)
86.Right Ya Be!! (provide alternative)
87.Gersha (provide alternative)
88.Gossin (provide alternative)
89.Teamin' (provide alternative)
90.Peg (provide alternative)
91.Cruel (provide alternative)
92.Tack (provide alternative)
93.Meg (provide alternative)
94.Meas Mada (provide alternative)
95.From Out The Cloonchas (provide alternative)
96.Bould (provide alternative)
97.Buckin' (provide alternative)
98.The Head On Him And The Price A Turnips (provide alternative)
99.Himmin' And Hawin' (provide alternative)
100.Shook (provide alternative)
101.A Fine Outfit (provide alternative)
102.Deck (provide alternative)
103.In And Out Like A Donkey's Flute (provide alternative)
104.Thruma Throma (provide alternative)
105.Agin (provide alternative)

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