TeddyT's Slang

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1.Jaye's Fluid (provide alternative)
2.Baldy Conscience (provide alternative)
3.Ball O' Malt (provide alternative)
4.Me Wan (provide alternative)
5.Behind The Wallpaper In Nelly's Room (provide alternative)
6.Gire (provide alternative)
7.Me Oul' Segosha (provide alternative)
8.There Y'are (provide alternative)
9.There Y'are (p: 'der Yar') (provide alternative)
10.There Y'are (p: 'Dare Yar') (provide alternative)
11.Live Horse And You'll Get Grass (provide alternative)
12.Up In Nelly's Room Behind The Wallpaper (provide alternative)
13.Rockford Files, Rockfords. (provide alternative)
14.Gary Glitter (provide alternative)
15.Bonk (provide alternative)
16.Arsed (provide alternative)
17.Mad As A Box Of Frogs (provide alternative)
18.Don't Be There 'til You're Back (provide alternative)
19.Peg (provide alternative)
20.Yumfla (provide alternative)
21.Me Oul' Flower (provide alternative)
22.Mad As A Bottle Of Chips (provide alternative)
23.All Over The Place Like A Mad Woman's Shite (provide alternative)
24.A Few Bob (provide alternative)
25.Ring (provide alternative)
26.Ringpiece (provide alternative)
27.Ringpiece (provide alternative)
28.Sagocia (provide alternative)
29.Swiss Roll (provide alternative)
30.Do (provide alternative)
31.On The Ball. (p: Onna Bwall) (provide alternative)
32.Hash (provide alternative)
33.Muppet (provide alternative)
34.Talkin' Sausages (provide alternative)
35.Muppet (provide alternative)
36.Well-upholstered (provide alternative)
37.Built For Comfort (provide alternative)
38.Smeg (p: Shmeg) (provide alternative)
39.Story? (provide alternative)
40.Not A Hope (p: Norra Hope) (provide alternative)
41.Skin And Blister (provide alternative)
42.Skin (provide alternative)
43.Segosha (provide alternative)
44.Tool (provide alternative)
45.Tool (provide alternative)
46.Spare Tool (provide alternative)
47.Tool (provide alternative)
48.Gowl (provide alternative)
49.Moth (p: Moh) (provide alternative)
50.Ezoo, Azoo (provide alternative)
51.In The Horrors (provide alternative)
52.In The Mouldies / Mouldys (provide alternative)
53.In De Horrors (provide alternative)
54.Gatt (provide alternative)
55.Roof-rabbit (provide alternative)
56.Gatt (provide alternative)
57.Ringsend Chicken (provide alternative)
58.Gicker (provide alternative)
59.Face Like A Malahide Cod (provide alternative)
60.Face Like A Howth Herring (provide alternative)
61.Mickey Fit (provide alternative)
62.Jammer (provide alternative)
63.Old Bill (provide alternative)
64.Pigs (provide alternative)
65.Filth (provide alternative)
66.Stroke (provide alternative)
67.Smack (provide alternative)
68.Smack-head (provide alternative)
69.Persians (provide alternative)
70.Lamps (provide alternative)
71.Lampy (provide alternative)
72.Keep Sketch, Keep Nicks (provide alternative)
73.Act The Mickey (provide alternative)
74.Knack3ragua (provide alternative)
75.One Another (provide alternative)
76.Nackeragua (provide alternative)
77.Nackered (provide alternative)
78.Cream Cracker, Creamer (provide alternative)
79.Persian Rugs (provide alternative)
80.Bender (provide alternative)
81.Pigs Ear (provide alternative)
82.Shirt Lifter (provide alternative)
83.Shit Stabber (provide alternative)
84.Ate (provide alternative)
85.Ate The Arse Off A Low-flying Duck (provide alternative)
86.Arse (provide alternative)
87.Me Arse (provide alternative)
88.Will In Me Arse (provide alternative)
89.Bush Baptist (provide alternative)
90.Acting The Prick (provide alternative)
91.Acting The Bollix (provide alternative)
92.Bollix (provide alternative)
93.The Pictures (provide alternative)
94.Moh (provide alternative)
95.Dolly Mixtures (provide alternative)
96.Pictures (provide alternative)
97.Goody, Goodie, Goody-goody (provide alternative)
98.Bickies (provide alternative)
99.Disco Biscuits (provide alternative)
100.Goolies (provide alternative)
101.Straws Hangin' Out Of A Loft (provide alternative)
102.Ginger, Ginger Beer (provide alternative)
103.Thrupenny Bits (provide alternative)
104.Lookeh! (provide alternative)
105.Sez (provide alternative)
106.Innit? (provide alternative)
107.Septic, Septic Tank (provide alternative)
108.Wooden, Wooden Plank (provide alternative)
109.Loada, A Loada (provide alternative)
110.Me Bollix (provide alternative)
111.Jack And Danny (provide alternative)
112.Culchie (provide alternative)
113.Mulchie, Muldoon, Mullah (provide alternative)
114.Bog-trotter, Bog-warrior (provide alternative)
115.Redneck (provide alternative)
116.Shit-kicker (provide alternative)
117.Croker (provide alternative)
118.Gaa (provide alternative)
119.Three-and-in (provide alternative)
120.Gurnet (provide alternative)
121.Mallet (provide alternative)
122.Loaf, Loaf Of Bread (provide alternative)
123.Lump Of Lead (provide alternative)
124.Bread (provide alternative)
125.Dough (provide alternative)
126.Dosh (provide alternative)
127.Readies (provide alternative)
128.Spondooligs, Spons (provide alternative)
129.Sheckles (provide alternative)
130.Moolah (provide alternative)
131.Skinflint (provide alternative)
132.Dineros (provide alternative)
133.Us (provide alternative)
134.Banger (provide alternative)
135.Ride (provide alternative)
136.Do The Gonky (provide alternative)
137.Banger (provide alternative)
138.Bing Bang (provide alternative)
139.Mutton-head (provide alternative)
140.Gunner-eyed (provide alternative)
141.Divvil (provide alternative)
142.Divilment (provide alternative)
143.Ikey (provide alternative)
144.Iffy (provide alternative)
145.Snidey (provide alternative)
146.Fella (provide alternative)
147.Cat (provide alternative)
148.Gotchy (provide alternative)
149.Do A Runner (provide alternative)
150.Do A Legger (provide alternative)
151.Hit And Miss (provide alternative)
152.Jimmy, Jimmy Riddle (provide alternative)
153.Hit And Miss (provide alternative)
154.Gypsie's Kiss (provide alternative)
155.Box (provide alternative)
156.Pony, Pony And Trap (provide alternative)
157.Pony (provide alternative)
158.How's Yer Father? (provide alternative)
159.Jack The Ripper (provide alternative)
160.Jockey's Whips (provide alternative)
161.Mickey Monk (provide alternative)
162.Ten Spot (provide alternative)
163.Score (provide alternative)
164.Gazillions (provide alternative)
165.Zillions (provide alternative)
166.Tallafornia (provide alternative)
167.Snared (provide alternative)
168.Elephants (provide alternative)
169.Maggedy (provide alternative)
170.Footy McLoughlin (provide alternative)
171.Skinny Malink (provide alternative)
172.Humpy (provide alternative)
173.Frighten The Shyte Out Of (provide alternative)
174.Bejasus (provide alternative)
175.Bogger (provide alternative)
176.Benjy (provide alternative)
177.Joe Skinner (provide alternative)
178.Ruby Murray (provide alternative)
179.Lee Marvin (provide alternative)
180.Pint Of Plain (provide alternative)
181.Shite-in-the-shelter (provide alternative)
182.Face-in-a-fit (provide alternative)
183.More Meat On An X-ray (provide alternative)
184.More Meat On A Butcher's Pencil (provide alternative)
185.The Bog (provide alternative)
186.Bog (provide alternative)
187.Bangers (provide alternative)
188.Wide (provide alternative)
189.Wan (provide alternative)
190.Greyhound Skirt (provide alternative)
191.Malahide (provide alternative)
192.Rack (provide alternative)
193.Butchers (provide alternative)
194.Butcher's Hook (provide alternative)
195.Pins (provide alternative)
196.Gollier (provide alternative)
197.Gob (provide alternative)
198.Retch (provide alternative)
199.Reefed (provide alternative)
200.Nacker (provide alternative)
201.Lash (provide alternative)
202.Lashin' (provide alternative)
203.Spittin' (provide alternative)
204.Splitting The Stones (provide alternative)
205.Splitting The Trees (provide alternative)
206.Jinny-jo (provide alternative)
207.Piss-in-the-bed (provide alternative)
208.Big Enough To Pick Shamrock (provide alternative)
209.Snotty-bock (provide alternative)
210.Melojian (provide alternative)
211.Plates Of Meat (provide alternative)
212.Plates (provide alternative)
213.Peggy (provide alternative)
214.Peggy Dell (provide alternative)
215.Yummy (provide alternative)
216.Yummy Mummy (provide alternative)
217.Gee-hair (provide alternative)
218.On The Kildare Side (provide alternative)
219.Peggy (provide alternative)
220.A Few Bob (provide alternative)
221.Nodge (provide alternative)
222.Nodge (provide alternative)
223.Wexican (provide alternative)
224.The Sticks (provide alternative)
225.Gee-gees (provide alternative)
226.Smashed (provide alternative)
227.Pissed As A Fart (provide alternative)
228.Muck Savage (provide alternative)
229.Sticks (provide alternative)
230.Bate (provide alternative)
231.Divil (provide alternative)
232.Mutt 'n' Jeff (provide alternative)
233.Only (provide alternative)
234.Oney (provide alternative)
235.Massive (provide alternative)
236.So Irriz (provide alternative)
237.Glorious (provide alternative)
238.Joe Malone (provide alternative)
239.Eau De Cologne (provide alternative)
240.Rag And Bone (provide alternative)
241.Dog And Bone (provide alternative)
242.Dorsh (provide alternative)
243.Afraid Of Me Shyte (provide alternative)
244.Bowsy (provide alternative)
245.Daisy Roots (provide alternative)
246.Lionel Blairs (provide alternative)
247.Yogi Bear (provide alternative)
248.Hairdresser (provide alternative)
249.Messer (provide alternative)
250.Terrible (provide alternative)
251.Terrible, Thank God (provide alternative)
252.Oops-a-daisy (provide alternative)
253.Woeful (provide alternative)
254.Drownded (provide alternative)
255.Shower (provide alternative)
256.Shower (provide alternative)
257.Chas 'n' Dave (provide alternative)
258.Dig The Grave (provide alternative)
259.Righ' (provide alternative)
260.Innaminna! (provide alternative)
261.An Animal For (provide alternative)
262.Dean Martin (provide alternative)
263.After (provide alternative)
264.Amn't (provide alternative)
265.Apple Tart (provide alternative)
266.Pen And Ink (provide alternative)
267.Pin Head (provide alternative)
268.Get A Grip (provide alternative)
269.Cop On (provide alternative)
270.Game Ball (provide alternative)
271.Headier (provide alternative)
272.Head Case (provide alternative)
273.Head Banger (provide alternative)
274.Craic (provide alternative)
275.'mom' (provide alternative)
276.Keeping (provide alternative)
277.Gargle (provide alternative)
278.Dipso (provide alternative)
279.Drink (provide alternative)
280.Lily The Pink (provide alternative)
281.Langered (provide alternative)
282.Hu Ha (provide alternative)
283.Front Bottom (provide alternative)
284.Me Man (provide alternative)
285.Ringin' (wringing) (provide alternative)
286.Wringin' (provide alternative)
287.Shrapnel (provide alternative)
288.Scratcher (provide alternative)
289.Bugs Bunny (provide alternative)
290.Blacker (provide alternative)
291.Boy (provide alternative)
292.Starkers (provide alternative)
293.Chassis (pr. 'chassy') (provide alternative)

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