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1.A Lock Of (provide alternative)
2.Look At The Cut Of Ye (provide alternative)
3.A Hat Of Shite (provide alternative)
4.Make A Budgjin Out Of It (provide alternative)
5.A Whore's Meld (provide alternative)
6.Arsehole Of Nowhere (provide alternative)
7.Back Of Beyonds (provide alternative)
8.Sly Dig (provide alternative)
9.He Cleaved Yer Man (provide alternative)
10.Poleaxed (provide alternative)
11.Nothing Between The Ears (provide alternative)
12.A Plank (provide alternative)
13.Beour (provide alternative)
14.Make A Wheelbarrow Out Of Her (provide alternative)
15.I Wouldn't Give Him The Steam Off Me Piss If He Was Dying Of Thirst (provide alternative)
16.Nogeous (provide alternative)
17.Ooft (provide alternative)
18.Well Head (provide alternative)
19.Ye Have'nt The Brains Of A Donkey (provide alternative)
20.He Hasn't An Arse Left In His Trousers (provide alternative)
21.The Gek Of Ye (provide alternative)
22.A Tight Cunt (provide alternative)
23.A Neck Like A Jockeys Arse (provide alternative)
24.It Smells Worse Than An Itinerants Flange (provide alternative)
25.Looks Like Her Face Was Set On Fire And It Was Put Out With Sledgehammers (provide alternative)
26.Happy As A Dog With 4 Mickies (provide alternative)
27.Muck (provide alternative)
28.Dog Rough (provide alternative)

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