Welloiled's Slang

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1.The Walls Have Ears. (provide alternative)
2.Rubbing Fat To The Fat Pig's Ass (provide alternative)
3.Boysoboys (provide alternative)
4.Tiocfaid Ar La (provide alternative)
5.Flutered (provide alternative)
6.Straight From The Horses Mouth (provide alternative)
7.1cwt Cement (100%) (provide alternative)
8.Chum (provide alternative)
9.Keeprlit. (provide alternative)
10.Well Hung (provide alternative)
11.A Pair Of Headlights (provide alternative)
12.Are You Standing On A Rock? (provide alternative)
13.Doing Ninety (provide alternative)
14.Like A Wedding Through A Town. (provide alternative)
15.Would A Cat Drink Milk. (provide alternative)
16.You Would'nt See A Fowl In A Hen-house. (provide alternative)
17.Knackered (provide alternative)
18.Like Water Off A Hill. (provide alternative)
19.It's A Long Lane That Has No Turning (provide alternative)
20.Putting The Cart Before The Horse. (provide alternative)
21.A Bird Never Flew On One Wing. (provide alternative)
22.She May Look In But She'll Never Look Out. (provide alternative)
23.As Quiet As A Ballymena Catholic. (provide alternative)
24.Some Tulip (provide alternative)
25.Straight From The Shoulder. (provide alternative)
26.Stacking Their Rags Together (provide alternative)
27.Like Father Like Son. (provide alternative)
28.Little Apples Will Grow Again. (provide alternative)
29.Chuck (provide alternative)
30.The Chop (provide alternative)
31.Ponger (provide alternative)
32.Pufter (provide alternative)
33.Throwing Apples Into An Orchard (provide alternative)
34.As Happy As A Pig In Muck. (provide alternative)
35.The Apple Doesnt Fall Far From The Tree (provide alternative)
36.Put The Pedal To The Metal. (provide alternative)
37.Drive On The Cart. (provide alternative)
38.Give Rrr Welly (provide alternative)
39.Lock- Hard. (provide alternative)
40.Could'nt Kick Snow Of A Ditch. (provide alternative)
41.A Wet Blanket (provide alternative)
42.Sluter. (provide alternative)
43.A Broad Church (provide alternative)
44.Ploughing A Lone Furrow. (provide alternative)
45.Music To My Ears. (provide alternative)
46.Going Forward. (provide alternative)
47.Not Worth The Paper Its Written On. (provide alternative)
48.Not Worth Shitpence (provide alternative)
49.Not Worth A Shite. (provide alternative)
50.At This Point In Time (provide alternative)
51.Brass Neck (provide alternative)
52.Broad Board. (provide alternative)
53.Lip (provide alternative)
54.Nosey-Parker (provide alternative)
55.If The Cap Fits Wear It. (provide alternative)
56.Mouth Like A Lough-Erne Pike (provide alternative)
57.Foot In The Hallow. (provide alternative)
58.Hard Neck (provide alternative)
59.End Of Storey (provide alternative)
60.Three Sheets In The Wind. (provide alternative)
61.Quantum Leap (provide alternative)
62.The Auld Dog For The Hard Road. (provide alternative)
63.Eee Get (provide alternative)
64.Thats That. (provide alternative)

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