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1.Hairy Arm (provide alternative)
2.Fluthered (provide alternative)
3.Scuttered (provide alternative)
4.Talk The Hind Legs Off A Donkey (provide alternative)
5.Gee For A Gallop??? (provide alternative)
6.Stall (provide alternative)
7.Hauld On (provide alternative)
8.Cuppa Cha (provide alternative)
9.Gimp (provide alternative)
10.Shit Meself (provide alternative)
11.Scabby Donkey (provide alternative)
12.Shades (provide alternative)
13.Gobshite (provide alternative)
14.Mouldy (provide alternative)
15.Did Ya Shagger??? (provide alternative)
16.Fluting About (provide alternative)
17.Ya Flute (provide alternative)
18.Shit Stirrer (provide alternative)
19.Dose Of The Scuts (provide alternative)
20.Clatter (provide alternative)
21.Sick As A Small Hospital (provide alternative)
22.Gammy (provide alternative)
23.Gosson (provide alternative)
24.Tool (provide alternative)
25.Dopey (provide alternative)
26.Ya Plank (provide alternative)
27.Whats De Craic (provide alternative)
28.Well (provide alternative)
29.Sound (provide alternative)
30.A Few Scoops (provide alternative)
31.Shitting Bricks (provide alternative)
32.Goul ( Rhymes With Towel) (provide alternative)
33.Mickey Money (provide alternative)
34.Gomey (provide alternative)

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