Daaave's Slang

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1.Give Over (provide alternative)
2.Chip Butty (provide alternative)
3.7 Shades Of Shite (provide alternative)
4.Chill Pill (provide alternative)
5.Butt (provide alternative)
6.Whatta Ye Takin About Boi Eh? (provide alternative)
7.Wooojus (provide alternative)
8.Back Arse Of Nowhere (provide alternative)
9.Bunkers Hill (provide alternative)
10.Lightweight (provide alternative)
11.Pissed Off A Barman's Fart (provide alternative)
12.Spare Tool (provide alternative)
13.Soft (provide alternative)
14.Not The Full Shilling (provide alternative)
15.Hard Boiled Eggs (provide alternative)
16.Scatter (provide alternative)
17.The Law (provide alternative)
18.Knock-a-dolly (provide alternative)
19.Scraic (provide alternative)
20.Got Me Hole (provide alternative)
21.Get Up On A Frosty Mornin (provide alternative)
22.Skin (provide alternative)
23.See Yaafter (provide alternative)
24.No Bother (provide alternative)
25.Savage (provide alternative)
26.Scumbag (provide alternative)
27.The Red Iron Bridge (provide alternative)
28.Across The Bridgers (provide alternative)
29.Deadner (provide alternative)
30.The Book Center (provide alternative)
31.Darrers Car Park (provide alternative)
32.Mitch (provide alternative)
33.Boi (provide alternative)
34.Stall On (provide alternative)

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