Dagerman's Slang

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1.Sweatin Like A Priest In A Playground (provide alternative)
2.I Will In My Fuck (provide alternative)
3.Ara (provide alternative)
4.Pulgadáneens (provide alternative)
5.I Bose (provide alternative)
6.Dinny Tabern (provide alternative)
7.Beaut (provide alternative)
8.Upscuttled (provide alternative)
9.Tis Dam Froshty (provide alternative)
10.Ahaady (provide alternative)
11.F*ck Me Pink And Call Me Flamingo (provide alternative)
12.Plastered (provide alternative)
13.Lambasted (provide alternative)
14.Hahaady (provide alternative)
15.Horse Me Out A Bucket Of Chips (provide alternative)
16.He Followed Me Like A Trailor (provide alternative)
17.Knackered (provide alternative)
18.I Didnt Do Nothing (provide alternative)
19.Now We Show Our Bottoms (provide alternative)
20.Shave A Bullock (provide alternative)
21.Your Wan Has A Face That Would Turn Milk (provide alternative)
22.Quare One (provide alternative)
23.To Excercise The Elbow (provide alternative)
24.I Smell Bacon (provide alternative)
25.The Pigs (provide alternative)
26.Scatter (provide alternative)
27.He'd Want To Be Put Down (provide alternative)
28.Scratching Ones Hole (provide alternative)
29.Hang Sangwhich (provide alternative)
30.Id Ate A Cow Between Two Bread Vans (provide alternative)
31.She Had A Face Like A Lump Of Wet Turf (provide alternative)
32.She Had A Face A Dogs Bollox (provide alternative)
33.Sebm (provide alternative)
34.Ahabu (provide alternative)
35.Tashte (provide alternative)
36.Shove Wesht In The Bed (provide alternative)
37.Bucharán (provide alternative)
38.As Ugly As A Pig Licking Piss Off A Nettle (provide alternative)
39.Mullocker (provide alternative)
40.Ploughing (provide alternative)
41.Letitintofuck (provide alternative)
42.You'd Make Hay (provide alternative)
43.Fwisht Awile (provide alternative)
44.Hould (provide alternative)
45.A Hospital Pass (provide alternative)
46.Put The Foot Through It (provide alternative)
47.A Skelp (provide alternative)
48.A Shniffter (provide alternative)
49.Il Get The Gun To You (provide alternative)
50.I Dont Want You Carrying The Ball, And I Dont Want You Kicking It Either (provide alternative)
51.Gehohups (provide alternative)
52.Get Get Get Get Get Get Get (provide alternative)
53.Close Continuos Coverage Without Fouling (provide alternative)
54.Buachalán (provide alternative)
55.She Got A Slap Wit De Ugly Stick (provide alternative)
56.Elebm (provide alternative)
57.She Walked Through The Stupid Wood And Got Hit By Every Branch (provide alternative)
58.A Happy Camper (provide alternative)
59.She Walks Like She Has A 20 Foot Pole Stuck Up Her Arse (provide alternative)
60.Shank (provide alternative)
61.Tight As A Bulls Arse (provide alternative)
62.Scootered (provide alternative)
63.Devil's Buttermilk (provide alternative)

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