Mg2008's Slang

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1.Seen A Brave Few Summers In His/her Day (provide alternative)
2.Suld (provide alternative)
3.Wan (provide alternative)
4.Winney (provide alternative)
5.Th'day (provide alternative)
6.Well Oiled (provide alternative)
7.Rare As Hens Teeth (provide alternative)
8.On Da Tear (provide alternative)
9.Aulfilla (provide alternative)
10.Cope (provide alternative)
11.Drawing Water On There On Mill (provide alternative)
12.Beast (provide alternative)
13.Yarn (provide alternative)
14.Over Yonder (provide alternative)
15.Vit (provide alternative)
16.Tuld (provide alternative)
17.Full Of Da Prig (provide alternative)
18.Trogging (provide alternative)
19.Again' (provide alternative)
20.Seige (provide alternative)
21.Whoa (provide alternative)
22.Out In Da Sticks (provide alternative)
23.Flur (provide alternative)
24.Luk (provide alternative)
25.Wrapped More Times Than A Bad Christmas Present (provide alternative)
26.Raining Cats And Dogs (provide alternative)
27.Wi Ya (provide alternative)
28.Light (provide alternative)
29.Acting Da Maggot (provide alternative)
30.Tearing Away (provide alternative)
31.Dam A Hate (provide alternative)
32.Take Da Bull By Da Horns (provide alternative)
33.Burn (provide alternative)
34.Tim (provide alternative)
35.Rammie (provide alternative)
36.Put Da Cart Before Da Horse (provide alternative)
37.Deck (provide alternative)
38.Clout (provide alternative)
39.Dragged Through A Hedge Backwards (provide alternative)
40.One 'n Da Barrow An' One In Da Mixer (provide alternative)
41.Rared Up (provide alternative)
42.Down Da Swaney (provide alternative)
43.Red Up (provide alternative)
44.Carr' On (provide alternative)
45.Strike While Da Iron Is Hot (provide alternative)
46.Craw (provide alternative)
47.Ya Wouldnt Swing A Cat 'n It (provide alternative)
48.Steamed Up (provide alternative)
49.Six O' One Half A Dozen Of The Other (provide alternative)
50.A Jack Of All Trades (provide alternative)
51.A Hands Turn (provide alternative)
52.Filla (provide alternative)
53.Guff (provide alternative)
54.Mear (provide alternative)
55.Sh*t To A Blanket (provide alternative)
56.Flies 'round Cowdung (provide alternative)
57.Mutton Dressed Up As Lamb (provide alternative)
58.Johnny Nod (provide alternative)
59.No Time For Him/her (provide alternative)
60.Keeping In With Him/her (provide alternative)
61.Shuteye (provide alternative)
62.Predictible As Night An' Day (provide alternative)
63.Fli (provide alternative)
64.Nay (provide alternative)
65.Like A Bag O' Weasels (provide alternative)
66.Open A Can O' Worms (provide alternative)
67.Let Sleepin' Dogs Lie (provide alternative)
68.Tran (provide alternative)
69.You'd Fight Wi Your Own Shawdow (provide alternative)
70.I'd Eat The Ass Of A Low Flyin' Duck (provide alternative)
71.Only Touchin' Da Road In Spots (provide alternative)
72.The Smell Of An Oily Rag. (provide alternative)
73.Twisted As Da Divil (provide alternative)
74.Da Divil Is Standin' 'n Him/her (provide alternative)
75.You'd Drink It Out Of A Pow (provide alternative)
76.Shes Like A Slid Hay Stack (provide alternative)
77.Ya Won't Catch Any Flies With Vinegar (provide alternative)
78.Ya Think He/she Was Dressed With A Turf Grape (provide alternative)
79.Smoke From Hand To Hand (provide alternative)
80.Shes Like A Burst Round Bale (provide alternative)
81.Cheaging (provide alternative)
82.Scutchin' (provide alternative)
83.AS Sure As Night Follas Day (provide alternative)
84.Cumin' 'r Goin' (provide alternative)

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