Pat's Slang

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1.Goosed (provide alternative)
2.Transmoglified (provide alternative)
3.Howld Or Il Give You A Clout (provide alternative)
4.You Might As Well Be P**sing Into The Wind (provide alternative)
5.Making As Much Noise As 10 Pigs Stuck In A Gate (provide alternative)
6.Eejit (provide alternative)
7.Beering (provide alternative)
8.Dunkey (provide alternative)
9.He'd Wear The Paint Off The Wall (provide alternative)
10.Aha Scraw (provide alternative)
11.Shcallywag (provide alternative)
12.He Wouldnt Pull The Socks Off A Dead Man (provide alternative)
13.You Big Ape (provide alternative)
14.Ausified (provide alternative)
15.Whist (provide alternative)
16.Banjaxed (provide alternative)
17.Mulucking (provide alternative)
18.Scuttered (provide alternative)
19.Batoon (provide alternative)
20.Fairy (provide alternative)
21.Fine Ball Of Steam (provide alternative)
22.Dam Tastey (provide alternative)
23.Silly C**t (provide alternative)
24.Nutcase (provide alternative)
25.Hulla Bulla (provide alternative)
26.Like The Hind Leg Of A Dog (provide alternative)
27.Gligeen (provide alternative)
28.Got A Slap Off The Ugly Stick (provide alternative)
29.Ponse (provide alternative)
30.Starved (provide alternative)
31.Thick As The Ditch (provide alternative)
32.Bale That And Wrap It In Black Plastic (provide alternative)
33.Ate That Scone (provide alternative)
34.Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It (provide alternative)
35.Chomping At The Bit (provide alternative)
36.Ride (provide alternative)
37.Overheating Like A Randy Badger (provide alternative)
38.Hullaballo (provide alternative)
39.Balls (provide alternative)
40.Quare (provide alternative)
41.I Don't Have A Bulls Notion (provide alternative)
42.Pat On The Back (provide alternative)
43.Up In A Heap (provide alternative)
44.Like A Bomb Hit It (provide alternative)
45.Willy Nilly (provide alternative)
46.As Black As The Ace Of Spades (provide alternative)
47.Choclate Teapot (provide alternative)

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