Sam's Slang

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1.Wind And Piss Like The Taylors Cat (balinure (provide alternative)
2.``twon`t Ate Ya So `twon`t (provide alternative)
3.A Maneen Was Never A Man (provide alternative)
4.How`s The Baka Yer Nick (provide alternative)
5.A Big Lad When He`s Out. Like An Asses Tool (provide alternative)
6.How`s Yer Taypot (provide alternative)
7.Mushas (provide alternative)
8.Areya Adin Din (provide alternative)
9.Uppinahape, Like The Man Who Married The Fat Woman. (provide alternative)
10.HASPA DARSE (provide alternative)
11.CUNTYBALLS (provide alternative)
12.Bog The Jinnet (provide alternative)
13.Swappinspits (provide alternative)
14.Atehay (provide alternative)
15.Longpockets (provide alternative)
16.Shit Shovelled Away From A Hin (provide alternative)
17.Nuckshees (provide alternative)
18.Anowlsookycat (provide alternative)
19.Baloobas (provide alternative)
20.Neverwaken (provide alternative)
21.Alittletonbox (provide alternative)
22.Moll The Bobber (provide alternative)
23.Rale Ally Daley (provide alternative)
24.What-dog Shit`im (provide alternative)
25.Slappa The Bare Fella (provide alternative)
26.Belta The Fattenin` Stick (provide alternative)
27.Cut Straw Wood His Arse (provide alternative)
28.Hot Da Horse An Da Horse Hot Im A Kik (provide alternative)
29.Swally Yerteet (provide alternative)
30.Platterpuss (provide alternative)
31.Calfs Father (provide alternative)
32.Boodywoman (provide alternative)
33.Bould As Brass (provide alternative)
34.Shit A Bricket (provide alternative)
35.SCOBBIN (provide alternative)
36.Stooky (provide alternative)
37.Mawmouth (provide alternative)
38.COLLIP (provide alternative)
39.Gilangowdat (provide alternative)
40.Puss (provide alternative)
41.Ponmesowl (provide alternative)
42.Trapesin (provide alternative)
43.Galavantin (provide alternative)
44.Bawlin Like A Jackass (provide alternative)
45.Long Stringa Misery (provide alternative)
46.Out An Out Bastard (provide alternative)
47.Fartin`jacket (provide alternative)
48.Lickin` Stamps (provide alternative)
49.Fondy (provide alternative)
50.Boggin (provide alternative)
51.Mickey Money (provide alternative)
52.Hardycracker (provide alternative)
53.Get Up On The Crack Of Dawn (provide alternative)
54.Rigout (provide alternative)
55.Here`s Me Head Me Arse Is Commin` (provide alternative)
56.Walkin` (provide alternative)
57.Cider Tokens (provide alternative)
58.Tracka Der Feet (provide alternative)
59.Too Mane Ta Piss (provide alternative)
60.Dowlad An Dowlwan (provide alternative)
61.Blacken Me Arse An Go Mad (provide alternative)
62.Biled (provide alternative)
63.Breedin Like Rabbits (provide alternative)
64.Mane As Dyke Water (provide alternative)
65.Blue Wood Da Cowld (provide alternative)
66.Anawfuldose (provide alternative)
67.Durtyowlwan (provide alternative)
68.Baga Spanners (provide alternative)
69.Cannister (provide alternative)
70.Crick In Hur Nick (provide alternative)
71.Quarespakes (provide alternative)
72.Quick Wud De Tung (provide alternative)
73.Queen Bee (provide alternative)
74.Bobs Yer Uncle An Fannys Yer Aunt (provide alternative)
75.Ball A Mange (provide alternative)
76.Med New Wans (provide alternative)
77.Pigsclitoris (provide alternative)
78.Shittinpiss (provide alternative)
79.Medribbins (provide alternative)
80.MIDER (provide alternative)
81.PULLMEWIRE (provide alternative)
82.PUT YEARS (provide alternative)
83.PISSIN RAIN (provide alternative)
84.PAN DE KITTLE (provide alternative)
85.PULL DE WOOL (provide alternative)
86.BLACK AS DE HOB (provide alternative)
87.Barrel Arse (provide alternative)
88.More Mate (provide alternative)
89.Plastic Paddy (provide alternative)
90.JIGGY JIGGY (provide alternative)
91.ARSE FROM HIS MOUTH (provide alternative)
92.GLUED TO THE BED (provide alternative)
93.FILANDY (provide alternative)
94.FROGHOPPIN (provide alternative)
95.UP PIN ANTINN (provide alternative)
96.COWSLICK (provide alternative)
97.AN OWL WAN (provide alternative)
98.SHOOK (provide alternative)
99.LANDER (provide alternative)
100.ETT ME SEFF (provide alternative)
101.ERA (provide alternative)
102.ADER (provide alternative)
103.HOW`S DE MIN (provide alternative)
104.PEEL YER FACE (provide alternative)
105.HOMMERIN (provide alternative)
106.LATE (provide alternative)
107.TOMMY ROT (provide alternative)
108.STRONG AS A HORSE (provide alternative)
109.UP AND DOWN (provide alternative)
110.YOLLA MOLL (provide alternative)
111.PRICK WID EARS (provide alternative)
112.Gripe (provide alternative)
113.Gallery (provide alternative)
114.Galvanise (provide alternative)
115.Howl (provide alternative)
116.Howlt (provide alternative)
117.GUP (provide alternative)
118.Gwentabed (provide alternative)
119.OXTERS (provide alternative)
120.GUPPIN (provide alternative)
121.GOWT AN GWEN (provide alternative)
122.SOG (provide alternative)
123.FLINGIN (provide alternative)
124.FRIGGER (provide alternative)
125.FOLLY (provide alternative)
126.FEEL DE PINCH (provide alternative)
127.KICKED DE BUCKET (provide alternative)
128.MANKY (provide alternative)
129.CUT (provide alternative)
130.BIG HOUSE (provide alternative)
131.GALLASES (provide alternative)
132.FAIRYMAN (provide alternative)
133.BROKE HIS HOLE (provide alternative)
134.FANCIES HIMSEF (provide alternative)
135.WHOBEGANNID (provide alternative)
136.UP IN HIS HOLE (provide alternative)
137.Bull Cows (provide alternative)
138.Turn De Wild Cat (provide alternative)
139.Eye Fiddles (provide alternative)
140.Elbow Grace (provide alternative)
141.Esh Asunder (provide alternative)
142.Famished (provide alternative)
143.Fry Yer Ears (provide alternative)
144.Winkin (provide alternative)
145.Rasper (provide alternative)
146.Dry The Shit In A Dog (provide alternative)
147.Furry Cup (provide alternative)
148.Dead Mans Arse (provide alternative)
149.Dead Mans Pinch (provide alternative)
150.Dinge (provide alternative)
151.Dander (provide alternative)
152.Gams (provide alternative)
153.Gowl (provide alternative)
154.Gods Cow (provide alternative)
155.Ghee (provide alternative)
156.Hairy Bee (provide alternative)
157.Tan Ball (provide alternative)
158.Trawlick (provide alternative)
159.Thunderin Pooky (provide alternative)
160.Livvin Smatherin (provide alternative)
161.Tinkers Minge (provide alternative)
162.Tuft A Grass (provide alternative)
163.Molly (provide alternative)
164.Mollycoddle (provide alternative)
165.Med A Bags (provide alternative)
166.Squally (provide alternative)
167.Corn Beef Legs (provide alternative)
168.Mucksavages (provide alternative)
169.Rabbitpunch (provide alternative)
170.Arse Acawn (provide alternative)
171.Wannabe (provide alternative)
172.Paddy Cap (provide alternative)
173.Spondulicks (provide alternative)
174.Stockins Round Dankles (provide alternative)
175.Skin Ann Hair (provide alternative)
176.Fierce Shook (provide alternative)
177.Smalla Me Back (provide alternative)
178.Nobs (provide alternative)
179.USED TA KILL HER (provide alternative)
180.FUCK ME PINK (provide alternative)
181.BICYCLE (provide alternative)
182.A BAG (provide alternative)
183.DOIN A LINE (provide alternative)
184.DIRTBAG (provide alternative)
185.DUDDER (provide alternative)
186.DRIVE YA DEMENTED (provide alternative)
187.REDDEN (provide alternative)
188.RUCTIONS (provide alternative)
189.THE CATS (provide alternative)
190.ALIVE WOOD MAGGITS (provide alternative)
191.PULLIN STROKES AN FAST WANS (provide alternative)
192.MIDDLE A NOWHERE (provide alternative)
193.Not An Earthly (provide alternative)
194.Aisy Duzid (provide alternative)
195.Pissan A Nittle (provide alternative)
196.Dats De Curragh For Ya (provide alternative)
197.Jaw (provide alternative)
198.A Blow (provide alternative)
199.Druvvim Up De Wall (provide alternative)
200.Tore Strips (provide alternative)
201.Tidy (provide alternative)
202.Nottin (provide alternative)
203.Claned (provide alternative)
204.Hate (provide alternative)
205.Bet Imall (provide alternative)
206.Shithouse (provide alternative)
207.Prod Iv A Sprong (provide alternative)
208.Donly Langwidge (provide alternative)
209.Startin Ta Show (provide alternative)
210.Skipdid (provide alternative)
211.Big Rats (provide alternative)
212.No Flies (provide alternative)
213.Tappin (provide alternative)
214.Yung Wans (provide alternative)
215.Yolla Jandis (provide alternative)
216.Shubbim (provide alternative)
217.Gon Wollip (provide alternative)
218.Mice As Well (provide alternative)
219.Lane (provide alternative)
220.Downpipe (provide alternative)
221.Pissin Agin De Wind (provide alternative)
222.Talkin Shite (provide alternative)
223.Some Bus (provide alternative)
224.Lifted (provide alternative)
225.Hopped (provide alternative)
226.Clane Shirt (provide alternative)
227.Gonta Deers (provide alternative)
228.The Makers Name (provide alternative)
229.What Duya Mane (provide alternative)
230.Stuke (provide alternative)
231.Like A Shit On A Slate (provide alternative)
232.Village Pump (provide alternative)
233.Gander (provide alternative)
234.Cross (provide alternative)
235.Headlamps (provide alternative)
236.Chape (provide alternative)
237.Kisser (provide alternative)
238.Killin (provide alternative)
239.Kicked (provide alternative)
240.Knickers In A Knot (provide alternative)
241.Bitta Twine (provide alternative)
242.Gable End (provide alternative)
243.Beef Ta De Heels (provide alternative)
244.Skullin (provide alternative)
245.Ate A Horse (provide alternative)
246.Big R (provide alternative)
247.Smart Alec (provide alternative)
248.Boodies (provide alternative)
249.Knobs (provide alternative)
250.Bullshit (provide alternative)
251.Ire (provide alternative)
252.Itch That Ya Couldn`t Scratch (provide alternative)
253.Book (provide alternative)
254.Cacky Eyes (provide alternative)
255.The Shade (provide alternative)
256.Some Job (provide alternative)
257.Stray Bit (provide alternative)
258.Lightin Bastard (provide alternative)
259.Bush In De Gap (provide alternative)
260.Moll De Fool (provide alternative)
261.Won`t Be Long Now (provide alternative)
262.Better Out Than In (provide alternative)
263.Fool (provide alternative)
264.Mouth From His Arse (provide alternative)
265.Collarin Tie Bull (provide alternative)
266.Shake Hands With De Unemployed (provide alternative)
267.Like No Tamorra (provide alternative)
268.Croosted (provide alternative)
269.Pipe (provide alternative)
270.Must Be Rocks In Dat Kittle (provide alternative)
271.Musharoons (provide alternative)
272.Mouth On Him (provide alternative)
273.Chinwaggin (provide alternative)
274.Clock (provide alternative)
275.Halves On A Bastard (provide alternative)
276.Painters (provide alternative)
277.Wireless (provide alternative)
278.Wipe Me Arse (provide alternative)
279.Fannylicker (provide alternative)
280.Zip It (provide alternative)
281.Ruz (provide alternative)
282.Bulls Notion (provide alternative)
283.Sop (provide alternative)
284.Hind Legs Off An Ass (provide alternative)
285.Dark (provide alternative)
286.Shit To De Flies (provide alternative)
287.Congregation Side (provide alternative)
288.Wigs In De Green (provide alternative)
289.Hungrygrass (provide alternative)
290.Cut De Nose (provide alternative)
291.Fine Wedder How Are Ya (provide alternative)
292.Ride For Ireland (provide alternative)
293.High Jump (provide alternative)
294.Reddies (provide alternative)
295.Hommer (provide alternative)
296.Skit (provide alternative)
297.Ugly Stich (provide alternative)
298.Ugly Stick (provide alternative)
299.Uppity (provide alternative)
300.Pissmires (provide alternative)
301.Never Never (provide alternative)
302.Red Me From A Height (provide alternative)
303.Ritestate (provide alternative)
304.Gom (provide alternative)
305.Glaum (provide alternative)
306.Dowldays (provide alternative)
307.Fall Out (provide alternative)
308.Draggin (provide alternative)
309.Segocia (provide alternative)
310.Put Paid (provide alternative)
311.Fear Of His Arse (provide alternative)
312.Nod (provide alternative)
313.Wet Whistle (provide alternative)
314.Down A Few (provide alternative)
315.Dead Spit (provide alternative)
316.Fine Mare (provide alternative)
317.Skins (provide alternative)
318.Set (provide alternative)
319.Lickin Daltar Rails (provide alternative)
320.Pig Iron (provide alternative)
321.Tramp (provide alternative)
322.Cow (provide alternative)
323.Ciarog (keerogue) (provide alternative)
324.Cat Malojin (provide alternative)
325.Cross As A Bag A Cats (provide alternative)
326.Cracked (provide alternative)
327.Close (provide alternative)
328.Cats An Dogs (provide alternative)
329.Clatter (provide alternative)
330.Country Mug (provide alternative)
331.Crackann (provide alternative)
332.Cur (provide alternative)
333.Can`t Stand (provide alternative)
334.Can`t Take (provide alternative)
335.Cummuppince (provide alternative)
336.Crosseyed Wood De Hunger (provide alternative)
337.Cuppla Digs (provide alternative)
338.Dure (provide alternative)
339.Dacent (provide alternative)
340.Dip (provide alternative)
341.Dig De Durt (provide alternative)
342.Dirty Owl Wan (provide alternative)
343.Inginns (provide alternative)
344.Dat Bates De Band (provide alternative)
345.Hair On A Gooseberry (provide alternative)
346.Hop (provide alternative)
347.High Nellie (provide alternative)
348.Inta His Barra (provide alternative)
349.Owl Hand (provide alternative)
350.Buckets (provide alternative)
351.Brass Nick (provide alternative)
352.Tears To A Stone (provide alternative)
353.Backbiting (provide alternative)
354.Fierce Looky (provide alternative)
355.Sweld Hedd (provide alternative)
356.Furrims (provide alternative)
357.Shove In, In The Bed (provide alternative)
358.Hair On Id (provide alternative)
359.Owl Hatchin Hin (provide alternative)
360.Hangin Outa Me Arse (provide alternative)
361.Dog Twood Bite Ya (provide alternative)
362.Ate Ya Without Salt (provide alternative)
363.Half Nottin (provide alternative)
364.Dirt Chape (provide alternative)
365.Put De Dampers (provide alternative)
366.Rowld Dem Uppin A Square Ball (provide alternative)
367.Owl Flower (provide alternative)
368.Black (provide alternative)
369.Deedin I Wasn`t Hey (provide alternative)
370.Throw Anna Feed (provide alternative)
371.Buck Jumps (provide alternative)
372.Millan Outa De Hevvins (provide alternative)
373.Meda Lep (provide alternative)
374.Hidin` (provide alternative)
375.Hit Ya A Kick In De Flange (provide alternative)
376.Hoppin Mad (provide alternative)
377.Bum Fluff (provide alternative)
378.Bar Me, Bar Me (provide alternative)
379.Basterin (provide alternative)
380.Lane Mate (provide alternative)
381.Katterpult (provide alternative)
382.Runnin Jump (provide alternative)
383.Hok Spit (provide alternative)
384.Matusalems Cat (provide alternative)
385.Dey Doobee (provide alternative)
386.Hocked (provide alternative)
387.Christen A Tay Bag (provide alternative)
388.Some Wagon (provide alternative)
389.Bummin (provide alternative)
390.Gizabo (provide alternative)
391.Hoohah (provide alternative)
392.Horn To A Snowman (provide alternative)
393.Hapert (provide alternative)
394.Foggiest Notion (provide alternative)
395.Little Fart Iv A Lad (provide alternative)
396.Loose Yer Balls, (provide alternative)
397.Lose Yer Balls, (provide alternative)
398.Wood A Horse Ate Hay (provide alternative)
399.Big Man Up Stairs (provide alternative)
400.Balls A Flower (provide alternative)
401.Soft Talk (provide alternative)
402.Gevvid Away (provide alternative)
403.Went Astray (provide alternative)
404.Axle Grace (provide alternative)
405.Strangled (provide alternative)
406.Squez (provide alternative)
407.Burdizzo (provide alternative)
408.De Lodger (provide alternative)
409.Me Feeter Like Two Stones (provide alternative)
410.Bandylegs (provide alternative)
411.Blue In De Face (provide alternative)
412.Boghole (provide alternative)
413.Bulls Wool (provide alternative)
414.Tundish (provide alternative)
415.Fob Me Off (provide alternative)
416.Turfmowl (provide alternative)
417.Take De Wate Off De Flure (provide alternative)
418.Tay Shurt (provide alternative)
419.Turn His Hand (provide alternative)
420.Play Handball Agin That (provide alternative)
421.Leddin His Pencil (provide alternative)
422.Munny Linders (provide alternative)
423.Paddys Motorbike (provide alternative)
424.Lampin (provide alternative)
425.De Bawls Ovvim (provide alternative)
426.Hash (provide alternative)
427.Wobblers (provide alternative)
428.Azier Sed Dan Dun (provide alternative)
429.Pot Walloper (provide alternative)
430.Mooch (provide alternative)
431.Hard Ta Bate (provide alternative)
432.Soffin His Coff (provide alternative)
433.Inside Yer Shurt (provide alternative)
434.An De Box (provide alternative)
435.Ate Yer Dinner Off De Floor (provide alternative)
436.Nottin For Nottin (provide alternative)
437.Back Iv A Clock (provide alternative)
438.Squan (provide alternative)
439.Make A Bust (provide alternative)
440.Took A Turn (provide alternative)
441.Switch (provide alternative)
442.Tan (provide alternative)
443.Odd Sort (provide alternative)
444.Gas Card (provide alternative)
445.Wakeness (provide alternative)
446.Holes In De Beshta Tings (provide alternative)
447.Arse For A Lazy Willy (provide alternative)
448.Jockys Whip (provide alternative)
449.Joose (provide alternative)
450.Jam Rags (provide alternative)
451.Longin Tin Ill Get Ya In, But Short An Tik Duz De Trik (provide alternative)
452.Corner Boy (provide alternative)
453.Well Ware (provide alternative)
454.Drawin An Workin (provide alternative)
455.Jappers (provide alternative)
456.Cullar A Deth (provide alternative)
457.Wunderinjew (provide alternative)
458.Fat As A Fool (provide alternative)
459.Rightwans (provide alternative)
460.For A Bet (provide alternative)
461.God Bless De Mark (provide alternative)
462.De Dedda Rose (provide alternative)
463.Wurth Tuppince (provide alternative)
464.Dim Hoody Lads (provide alternative)
465.Wankers Cramp (provide alternative)
466.Dip Yer Wick (provide alternative)
467.Right As Rain (provide alternative)
468.Detta Cowld (provide alternative)
469.Boo (provide alternative)
470.Goggle Box (provide alternative)
471.Ateya Adout Salt (provide alternative)
472.Proper Dog (provide alternative)
473.Ya Never Lost Id (provide alternative)
474.Ya Hav Me Now (provide alternative)
475.Faithinn I Did (provide alternative)
476.Left Right An Senter (provide alternative)
477.Scrawbya (provide alternative)
478.Nosha Bish (provide alternative)
479.Hum Dinger (provide alternative)
480.Lay Eyes On (provide alternative)
481.Disaze (provide alternative)
482.Sniffin (provide alternative)
483.Inna Fit (provide alternative)
484.Billy Can (provide alternative)
485.Burner (provide alternative)
486.Fur Grub (provide alternative)
487.Drum (provide alternative)
488.Steam Off Me Piss (provide alternative)
489.Dollop (provide alternative)
490.Box (provide alternative)
491.If Memry Serves Me Right (provide alternative)
492.Cum All Yas (provide alternative)
493.Heggs (provide alternative)
494.Granny Hatch (provide alternative)
495.Haycups (provide alternative)
496.New Fangled Ting (provide alternative)
497.Deck Scrub (provide alternative)
498.New Pin (provide alternative)
499.Crooked As A Rams Horn (provide alternative)
500.Dind Iv A Hook (provide alternative)
501.Wrong Side Iv A Box (provide alternative)
502.Receevin End (provide alternative)
503.Put Dat Back In Yer Mouth (provide alternative)
504.Yonks (provide alternative)
505.Nader Here Nor Dare (provide alternative)
506.Reel (provide alternative)
507.Fake ID (provide alternative)
508.SPOOLA TRED (provide alternative)
509.HALF WANS (provide alternative)
510.Not As Green As He Is Cabbage Lookin (provide alternative)
511.Hulla Hulla (provide alternative)
512.Hit De Sack (provide alternative)
513.HIT DE HAY (provide alternative)
514.Tore His Hair Out (provide alternative)
515.Done (provide alternative)
516.Foosterin` (provide alternative)
517.Pull Or Set (provide alternative)
518.Meseff An Herseff (provide alternative)
519.No Two Ways About Id (provide alternative)
520.Grane (provide alternative)
521.A Nice How Are Ya (provide alternative)
522.Latttytat (provide alternative)
523.Lattytat (provide alternative)
524.Gowlogue (provide alternative)
525.Cuck (provide alternative)
526.In De Rags (provide alternative)
527.Up Forrid (provide alternative)
528.Cock (provide alternative)
529.Riddled (provide alternative)
530.Lake (provide alternative)
531.Anuff (provide alternative)
532.Habbinta Noshin (provide alternative)
533.Lug (provide alternative)
534.Flack (provide alternative)
535.Dindovid (provide alternative)
536.Cawnee (provide alternative)
537.Plaster (provide alternative)
538.Lost De Runna Medeff (provide alternative)
539.Lost De Runna Meseff (provide alternative)
540.Few Bars (provide alternative)
541.Kickstarted (provide alternative)
542.Backscuttle (provide alternative)
543.Gluggar (provide alternative)
544.Owl Forka Bushes (provide alternative)
545.Hoopincoff (provide alternative)
546.Clip Round Dears (provide alternative)
547.Ah Willya Lie Down Willya (provide alternative)
548.Wore Der Floots (provide alternative)
549.De Hoor A Hoors (provide alternative)
550.Rollickin (provide alternative)
551.Rubberarse (provide alternative)
552.She Tinks Her Shit Don`t Smell Atall (provide alternative)
553.Fuck Ya Ta Hell An Back Aginn (provide alternative)
554.Took De Feet From Under Me (provide alternative)
555.Ferretin (provide alternative)
556.Thrill (provide alternative)
557.Widdas Memmries (provide alternative)
558.Bates Lugganid (provide alternative)
559.Swiped (provide alternative)
560.Nearly Swallied Me Tung (provide alternative)
561.Lodger (provide alternative)
562.Laudy Daw (provide alternative)
563.Pane Where I Never Had A Winda (provide alternative)
564.Swanky (provide alternative)
565.Antinn Dat Shines (provide alternative)
566.Talent (provide alternative)
567.Nearly. Never Bulled A Cow (provide alternative)
568.Lade In Toom (provide alternative)
569.A Ting A Nottin (provide alternative)
570.A Rale Balls From Dalkey (provide alternative)
571.De Derry (provide alternative)
572.Like Trown Id Inta A Bukkid A Water (provide alternative)
573.Well Ionta Jazis (provide alternative)
574.Ronnie (provide alternative)
575.Gammin (provide alternative)
576.Sticky Plaster (provide alternative)
577.Gillygooly (provide alternative)
578.Briss (provide alternative)
579.Song (provide alternative)
580.Doddery (provide alternative)
581.Udderin Dat (provide alternative)
582.Yerra (provide alternative)
583.Ya Hav Yer Shit (provide alternative)
584.Go An Hav A Hard Shit For Yerseff (provide alternative)
585.Smile An Say Bedad (provide alternative)
586.Hit Dowl Labba (provide alternative)
587.Zeds To De Clouds (provide alternative)
588.Puffawind (provide alternative)
589.Megg (provide alternative)
590.Like Sumptin De Cat Dragged In (provide alternative)
591.Spare (provide alternative)
592.Like De Baka Me Hand (provide alternative)
593.Givvid Back Ta Ya Soft (provide alternative)
594.Binedinn Twine (provide alternative)
595.Dats What Yed Call A.. (provide alternative)
596.CUTTIN DE BACK (provide alternative)
597.BULLIN FOR A PISS (provide alternative)
598.Can`t Howld What Ya Haven`t In Yer Hand (provide alternative)
599.Better Out Than Yer Eye (provide alternative)
600.Where De Mornin Found Me (provide alternative)
601.Two Sheets In De Wind (provide alternative)
602.Hell For Ledder (provide alternative)
603.Dugded An Pitted, An Eshid An Shitted. (provide alternative)
604.Twasn`t Off De Flure Dat He Licked Dat (provide alternative)
605.Wellfersum (provide alternative)
606.I DID YA (provide alternative)
607.CREP (provide alternative)
608.Poppies (provide alternative)
609.Licka (provide alternative)
610.Catslick (provide alternative)
611.Anuffta (provide alternative)
612.Duck (provide alternative)
613.Every Dog Annies Brudder (provide alternative)
614.GunninFormee (provide alternative)
615.Small Wunder (provide alternative)
616.Don`t Talk Ta Me (provide alternative)
617.Look (provide alternative)
618.Put A Cork Innid (provide alternative)
619.Shut Yer Mouth An Giv Yer Arse A Chance (provide alternative)
620.Mouthacawn (provide alternative)
621.Crow Ta Pick (provide alternative)
622.De Picture (provide alternative)
623.Rats Arse (provide alternative)
624.DUN UPTA DE NINES (provide alternative)
625.Room Ta Piss (provide alternative)
626.Right Me Hole (provide alternative)
627.Tight (provide alternative)
628.Dats De Choon De Owl Cow Died On. (provide alternative)
629.No Sooner Calved Than Licked (provide alternative)
630.Funnie (provide alternative)
631.Busted A Blood Vessel (provide alternative)
632.A Ting Or Two (provide alternative)
633.Grate Wedder For Ducks (provide alternative)
634.FLIGHTY BITTA STUFF (provide alternative)
635.Givvid Back T`ya Small (provide alternative)
636.Dacksent (provide alternative)
637.Blowin (provide alternative)
638.A Big Juanna Bag (provide alternative)
639.Rise De Cockles Of Yer Heart (provide alternative)
640.Nearly Had Kittens (provide alternative)
641.Clane Shurt (provide alternative)
642.Nayder Wan Nor Dudder (provide alternative)
643.Blue Arse Fly (provide alternative)
644.Hommers A Hell (provide alternative)
645.Hommerin Tongs (provide alternative)
646.Tuffis Nails (provide alternative)
647.Tuff Cookie (provide alternative)
648.Whats What (provide alternative)
649.Galloot (provide alternative)
650.Had A Canary (provide alternative)
651.Fluthered (provide alternative)
652.Slash (provide alternative)
653.Stocious (provide alternative)
654.All Dickied Up (provide alternative)
655.Aytinn Tayshows (provide alternative)
656.Out Like A Light (provide alternative)
657.A Simple Affair (provide alternative)
658.Anyone In Dare (provide alternative)
659.What For (provide alternative)
660.Peelim An Ate Im (provide alternative)
661.Fuck Me Pink An Call Me Pony (provide alternative)
662.Well Woodya ,wood I What (provide alternative)
663.Dog Laves (provide alternative)
664.Howld Ann Dare Now Me Dear Man (provide alternative)
665.Whardle Lie Pushid (provide alternative)
666.Hisin` (provide alternative)
667.Big Druggie Hednim (provide alternative)
668.Like Shitna Shoe (provide alternative)
669.He Knows What Side His Bread Is Buttered Ann (provide alternative)
670.Gevvim De Road (provide alternative)
671.Waddent Long Shownim De Dore (provide alternative)
672.Deed Shur (provide alternative)
673.A Boy Or A Child (provide alternative)
674.Dony Ting (provide alternative)
675.O Shur Hay (provide alternative)
676.Dowl Gintry (provide alternative)
677.Tung Like A Boord (provide alternative)
678.Sandpapered (provide alternative)
679.Bigga Nuff Ta Filla Pram (provide alternative)
680.Hins Teet (provide alternative)
681.Yehoorsye (provide alternative)
682.Snazzy (provide alternative)
683.Savage (provide alternative)
684.Scabby Babby (provide alternative)
685.Buckled (provide alternative)
686.Arse Like A Sowing Machine (provide alternative)
687.Nippy (provide alternative)
688.Like Tearing In To A Round Bale (provide alternative)
689.Lump (provide alternative)
690.Bang (provide alternative)
691.Pull De Curtins (provide alternative)
692.Rather Face Killough With A Spoon (provide alternative)
693.Frizzled (provide alternative)
694.Boxivandins (provide alternative)
695.A Right Rub (provide alternative)
696.Needle Work (provide alternative)
697.Get A Handle Onnid (provide alternative)
698.Hump Annies Back (provide alternative)
699.All Nottin (provide alternative)
700.More Tood Dan Dat (provide alternative)
701.Dind Iv Id (provide alternative)
702.`twill All Come Out In Dind (provide alternative)

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