Sligo-boi's Slang

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1.De Pictures (provide alternative)
2.Bate (provide alternative)
3.Batin (provide alternative)
4.Whatever Drives Your Tractor! (provide alternative)
5.De-Frigitize (provide alternative)
6.As Tight As A Nun's Nickers (provide alternative)
7.Prod (provide alternative)
8.Proddy (provide alternative)
9.Put That In Your Cake And Bake It! (provide alternative)
10.Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It! (provide alternative)
11.Skillage In The Village (provide alternative)
12.Dive (provide alternative)
13.His/Her Door Swing Both Ways! (provide alternative)
14.Raging (provide alternative)
15.Tubber (provide alternative)
16.Shitting Teeth (provide alternative)
17.Jesus Christ Stupid People (provide alternative)
18.It's Not Even Funny (provide alternative)
19.The Swan (provide alternative)
20.Ah No (provide alternative)
21.Legend (provide alternative)
22.Ledge (provide alternative)
23.The Hill (provide alternative)
24.The Regional (provide alternative)
25.The Tech (provide alternative)
26.The Line (provide alternative)
27.The Point Line (provide alternative)
28.The General (provide alternative)
29.Stall The Digger! (provide alternative)
30.Sup (provide alternative)
31.It Would Freeze The Balls Off A Brass Monkey! (provide alternative)
32.Throttle (provide alternative)
33.Brickin It! (provide alternative)
34.Bang-Me-Granny (provide alternative)
35.As Tight As A Duck's Arse (provide alternative)
36.Auld Wan (provide alternative)
37.Auld Fellah (provide alternative)
38.Skitzo (provide alternative)
39.Skitz (provide alternative)
40.New Crannmore (provide alternative)
41.As Tight As A Camel's Arse In A Sandstorm (provide alternative)
42.As Gay As Christmas (provide alternative)
43.Buff (provide alternative)
44.Culchie (provide alternative)
45.Legging It (provide alternative)
46.Globe House (provide alternative)
47.The Gimp Bus (provide alternative)
48.If Brains Were Dynamite, You Couldn't Blow Your Nose! (provide alternative)
49.Umpteen (provide alternative)
50.Like A Long String Of Piss (provide alternative)
51.Plastered (provide alternative)
52.Half Cut (provide alternative)
53.The Sports Complex (provide alternative)
54.Will We Head? (provide alternative)
55.He'd Let You Down Like A Tonne Of Bricks! (provide alternative)
56.Wee (provide alternative)
57.Double Hinged Door (provide alternative)
58.Fellah (provide alternative)
59.The W@nk At The Bank (provide alternative)
60.Breakin Me Shite! (provide alternative)
61.Are You Startin? (provide alternative)
62.As Sick As A Small Hospital (provide alternative)
63.As Thick As A Cow's Arse (provide alternative)
64.Belly Up (provide alternative)
65.Belly Up (provide alternative)
66.Ate The Head Off... (provide alternative)
67.Effin' And Blindin (provide alternative)
68.Go Away Outta' That! (provide alternative)
69.Horse It Into You (provide alternative)
70.Hows The Form? (provide alternative)
71.I'll Break Your Face (provide alternative)
72.It Was Great Craic Alltogether! (provide alternative)
73.Like A Blue Arsed Fly (provide alternative)
74.Up And Down/over And Back, Like A Blue Arsed Fly! (provide alternative)
75.Lose The Head (provide alternative)
76.Only Coddin (provide alternative)
77.She Has A Face On Her Like The Back Of A Bus (provide alternative)
78.Wud Ya Be Bothered!? (provide alternative)
79.Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer (provide alternative)
80.Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed (provide alternative)
81.Not The Brightest Button (provide alternative)
82.He Has A Face On Him Like A Constipated Bulldog Lickin Piss Off A Nettle! (provide alternative)
83.As Much Use As A One Legged Man At An Arse Kicking Competition (provide alternative)
84.As Confused As A Hungry Baby In A Topless Bar (provide alternative)
85.The Tide Wouldn't Take Him Out! (provide alternative)
86.About As Subtle As A Sledge-hammer (provide alternative)
87.She's A Couple Of Sandwiches Short Of A Picnic! (provide alternative)
88.About As Funny As A Burning Orphanage! (provide alternative)
89.A Sniper Wouldn't Take Her Out! (provide alternative)
90.All Over De Shop! (provide alternative)
91.Blank (provide alternative)
92.Rotten (provide alternative)
93.If (he) Went To A Wedding, He'd Stay For The Christening! (provide alternative)
94.As Sick As A Plane To Lourdes! (provide alternative)
95.Gas! (provide alternative)
96.Coddin (provide alternative)
97.A Rake Of (provide alternative)
98.Have A Head Like A Lump Of Wet Turf (provide alternative)
99.Have A Face That Would Turn Milk (provide alternative)
100.What Are You At? (provide alternative)
101.Grammar Lawds (provide alternative)
102.Head (provide alternative)
103.Hand (provide alternative)
104.As Significant As A Flea's Fart In A Hurricane (provide alternative)
105.Rage (provide alternative)
106.Wankshaft (provide alternative)
107.Third Degree! (provide alternative)

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