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1.Hu Ha (provide alternative)
2.Or Whatever (provide alternative)
3.Yes! (provide alternative)
4.Are You Decent (or Daycent)? (provide alternative)
5.Not A Patch On You... (provide alternative)
6.Thick As Two Short Planks (provide alternative)
7.C'mere Till I Tell Ya (provide alternative)
8.Tanked Up (provide alternative)
9.Empty My Tanks (provide alternative)
10.Were You Born In A Barn? (provide alternative)
11.In The Sticks (provide alternative)
12.Fond Of The Jar (provide alternative)
13.The World And His Mother Was There (provide alternative)
14.Up To Me Eyeballs (provide alternative)
15.That'll Learn Ya (provide alternative)
16.Hames (provide alternative)
17.I Wouldn't Touch It/him/her With A Bargepole! (provide alternative)
18.You Will In Your Arse (provide alternative)
19.Up The Pole (provide alternative)
20.On The Wagon (provide alternative)
21.Goes In One Ear And Out The Other (provide alternative)
22.Oxo (provide alternative)
23.Ballistic (provide alternative)
24.Box (provide alternative)
25.Niddids (provide alternative)

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